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Know Your Boundaries’ campaign trialled in Exeter

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So it goes every September, last month saw residents of Exeter hit by a new cohort of Freshers, ready for loud, drunken nights out in the City Centre. In an attempt to control anti-social behaviour and keep a civilised relationship between students and residents, this Freshers’ week the Devon and Cornwall Police launched a new campaign, ‘Know Your Boundaries’.

The campaign had red lines of about three feet long temporarily painted on pavements around the City Centre from 16–23 September, marking out areas where people can and can’t drink alcohol or be excessively loud. These are accompanied by red posters throughout the city, serving as a reminder that the Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) is being enforced. The PSPO covers Fore Street, the High Street and Sidwell Street, and is in place to alleviate behaviour that may be offensive or harmful to society. If breeched, this can result in a £1000 fine being issued in court, as well as students being reported to the university.

Retired Devon and Cornwall Detective Superintendent Iain Grafton does not fully support the idea, believing the markings to be unnecessary. He believes ‘there is already enough legislation in place to prevent measures like this being taken’ and that the campaign could be seen to pick on students. However, he does understand ‘why the local community would want evidence that something is being done’ to control the potential chaos that Freshers’ week can bring.

“The Local community would want evidence that something is being done”

Freshers’ week can be a particularly stressful time for residents, and this campaign will hopefully provide some peace of mind that inappropriate behaviour is being monitored.

Once Freshers’ week is over, the PSPO will still exist, however the paint will be removed from the roads and all students and residents will be responsible for ensuring their behaviour is contributing to a positive relationship between everyone in the city.


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