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Autumn to Winter Fashion

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Autumn and winter are my absolute favourite seasons, and every year I get so excited (and a bit carried away) by all the autumnal colours and winter fashion! It can be tricky adjusting to the weather change from autumn to winter as the weather seems to get more fierce and much colder. So, here are a few of my wardrobe “must-haves” for this time of year. Firstly, I am a huge fan of the leopard print. I feel like it’s a bit marmite, and you either love it or hate it but I love it! I think the leopard print colours look so autumnal, and can make you look very chic on a winter’s day. I personally wear it in small doses, and more to accessorise an outfit. So, a leopard print belt can look nice, and if you’re like me, and tend to wear black clothes the whole time, it adds a splash of colour so you don’t look too wintry!

I also love to wear scarves at this time of year. This is one of my favourite winter fashion accessories, because they obviously keep you feeling super warm and snug, but also can make an outfit much more exciting. I tend to wear the really big fluffy ones to keep me warm! Another cute look is the typical corduroy skirt with tights, and gone are the days when people only wore black skirts, because in all the shops now, there are such nice coloured skirts – there’s orange, red, green and purple. They are all a lovely combination of the autumn and winter colours and look super fashionable mixed with a simple t-shirt and a jacket. I absolutely love the winter jackets – another favourite of mine! I am really enjoying all the puffer jackets, and fluffy teddy bear coats which seem to have taken over the high street. There’s such a big selection of choice, and you can probably find a jacket or coat in any colour you want. I am a fan of beige jackets, because they really fit into the autumn vibe. I also love big, cosy jumpers – they are definitely the best way to get over the weather change from autumn to winter! As soon as I put on a jumper (polar necks are my favourite!) I instantly feel warmer and much more cosy. Autumn and Winter fashion is by far the best, and there are so many options in the shops now, we are actually spoilt for choice!

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