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Fashion on Film: Villanelle from Killing Eve

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Killing Eve has been the show on everyone’s lips over the past year, and one aspect that really stood out was the costumes, particularly those of Villanelle. Okay, yes, she’s a psychopathic assassin with countless kills under her belt, but let’s put that aside for one moment and admit it – she serves some looks. Whether she’s stabbing someone in the eye whilst wearing a Burberry pastel lace dress, or stalking her enemy/crush through Berlin train stations in a Dries Van Noten patterned suit, Villanelle is always dressed to impress – hell, even her tracksuit is Marc Jacobs. Her style perfectly reflects her character – unpredictable, polished, dramatic, and completely uncaring of what people think. Sure, it helps that, unlike the rest of us, she has the money to fund her luxurious taste, but for those of us who aren’t willing to turn to murder to get the clothes we like, it’s still possible to channel her style.

Yes, she’s a psychopathic assassin, but she serves some looks

The main message: be bold. Half the point of Villanelle’s outfits is to get people to look at her. Her eye-catching and audacious style betrays her arrogance: no matter how much she stands out, she knows she’s good enough not to get caught, so she’s not afraid to wear what she wants. Maybe we shouldn’t be aiming for arrogance per say, but we could all do with a little more confidence in what we wear – I’m not usually one to push the boundaries, but Villanelle has inspired me to be a little bolder in my choices. Whether it’s adding in some bright patterns, trying out some daring shapes, or blending masculine and feminine elements, when you dress confidently, you feel confident. Still, somehow I doubt I’ll be wearing a giant pink tulle dress the size of a three-seater sofa any time soon, but we’re taking baby steps.

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