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Trending in Tokyo

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Trending in Tokyo

Holly Lamb reviews Tokyo’s fashion week

From the 14th– 20th October 2019, the stylish streets within the metropolitan maze that is Tokyo became the stage for the future of fashion. The people of Tokyo are fearless. From the never-ending neon, to the layered charcoal grunge fabrics, this is where streetstyle is at its finest. The streets of fashion week were only the start. 

Highlights included the viral sensation Tomo Koizumi’s collection of ruffled, textured gowns which were paired with bold colours and conformed to his signature exaggerative style along the catwalk. The gowns were pure extravagance. Nobuyuki Matsui’s cobalt blue satin trousers firmly set this season’s agenda to bold fabrics and denim textures, reminiscent of last year’s industrial chic- a trend still deeply rooted in London’s fashion scene.

Tokyo Fashion Week reinvigorated the essence of fashion

Other standout designs came from Ryoichi Kudo’s (I)LL IT, which revitalised monochrome streetstyle. The Ready To Wear brand is incredibly innovative, with Kudo blending the Japanese: 射る” (to shoot your heart) IT = 一途 (forever). Ready To Wear was certainly ready for the limelight in Tokyo. Neglect Adult Patients, delivered from the masterful Junnosuke Watanabe, was as rebellious as ever. Noteworthy pieces included tartan red suits, tracksuits, anime hoodies, all accessorised with neckerchiefs. Watanbe darted from the urban, couture, costume, and formal. 

Tokyo Fashion Week reinvigorated the essence of fashion: it’s no longer about matching consumer desires, or simply creating a brand adorned by the famous. Tokyo is trending with individuality and artistry that extends far beyond the fabric. 

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