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“What We Said”: A Podcast Recommendation

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“What We Said”: A Podcast Recommendation

Sophie Stoakes sings the praises of her favourite lifestyle podcast

I cannot recommend the “What We Said” podcast enough. It is the first podcast I started listening to and the only one that I am sure to tune into each week. It is hosted by Jaci Marie Smith and Chelsey Jade Curtis, two best friends originally from Arizona. Jaci is an influencer who is most known for her incredibly aesthetically-pleasing Instagram feed and Chelsey is a certified health coach and has a range of health and wellness e-books. Both Jaci and Chelsey also have YouTube channels. 

The podcast began back in June 2018 and each episode comes out on a Tuesday. They cover a range of themes such as: friendship, marriage, dating, creativity and entrepreneurship, and the range of guests they manage to get on their podcast is impressive. The format of their episodes varies from sharing listener submissions on a particular topic (e.g. SHOCKING Roommate Stories), talking to a guest (e.g. Tezza & Cole – The Art of Life) or between themselves discussing a subject that is interesting or important to them (e.g. Mormon Culture).

I love listening to this podcast while walking to campus in the morning; it’s gotten to the point where I can no longer read the word ‘awesome’ and not hear it in their voices (listen to a few episodes and you’ll understand what I mean). Chelsey and Jaci have the best personalities, and tuning in is definitely a highlight of my week. 

Some of my Favourite Episodes:

  • Most Embarrassing Moments“: If you want an episode guaranteed to make you laugh, this is a great place to start!
  • “Testing our Personalities“: A more low-key episode, Jaci and Chelsey go through some common personality tests so it’s a fun way to find out some more about the hosts. 
  • “Favourite Holiday Memories + Traditions (w/ Tyson French)”: Any episode with Ty French in it is a win owing to his hilarious personality, and this episode is perfect for the imminent festive season.

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