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Exeter University’s Climate Emergency Plan unveiled

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The climate change protest in Exeter this October
Image: Emma Hussain

This past month, Exeter University’s panel has revealed its recommendations in the fight against climate change in line with the declaration of a climate emergency announced back in May.

The plan sees a range of action-based suggestions and aims provided by a mix of students and staff, with the achievement of carbon neutrality by 2040 being the overarching objective. Although the plan does distinguish between direct and indirect emissions, with the latter predicted to achieve carbon neutrality a decade later, it is clear that the University recognises its institutional environmental responsibility whilst also encouraging its population of 28,000 students and employees to collectively participate.

Other key objectives include increasing recycling to 70% by 2025, discontinuing investment in fossil fuel companies and reducing products and activities in the areas of hospitality which have a ‘high environmental impact’. It also aims to establish a ‘South West Climate Action Network’ in order to trigger extensive environmental efficiency in the larger context of the region. 

The variety of issues targeted by the report, ranging from ‘infrastructure, strategy and culture’ certainly seem to be supporting the stance of Vice-Chancellor Sir Steve Smith, who has admitted that this climate emergency is ‘undoubtedly one of the critical issues of our time and a significant priority for the University of Exeter’.

You can read the full report here.

Editor: Pete Syme

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