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Single Review: Harry Styles – Watermelon Sugar

Siddharth Pillai reviews Harry Styles' latest single
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Siddharth Pillai reviews Harry Styles’ latest single

Ever since his self-titled debut solo album dropped in 2017, Harry Styles has soared far from his boyband past. After releasing ‘Lights Up’ in October, the first single from his upcoming second album Fine Line, fans were surprised with an unannounced release of ‘Watermelon Sugar’; this came after a live performance of the song on Saturday Night Live on 16 November. 

The catchy pop-rock tune emits 70s vibes with its groovy bassline, funky electric guitar, and perfect incorporation of brass in the final chorus. While ‘Lights Up’ gives off soulful yet melancholic senses within a clear air of sexual energy, ‘Watermelon Sugar’ radiates joyful summer feelings (which has admittedly confused fans living in the wintry northern hemisphere), signalling a shift while still continuing the dreamy, sensual mood of the previous single.

‘Watermelon Sugar’ radiates joyful summer feelings

The second of Styles’ fruit-based songs (after the previous album’s ‘Kiwi’), fans have suggested that the meaning is far less innocent than the tropical fruit it’s named after. In an interview for Apple Music in November, when asked by radio DJ Zane Lowe if the song is about “the joys of mutually appreciated oral pleasure”, citing the fans as having cracked the code, Styles neither confirmed nor denied it, letting us leave things open to interpretation which is admittedly frustrating and intriguing in equal measure.

‘Watermelon Sugar’ is an intimate look into Styles’ romantic relationship, while having larger-than-life, celebratory themes brought out by passionate vocals and pulsating instrumentals.

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