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Love Island in Winter

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Love Island in Winter

Bridie Adams reviews and compares Love Island winter with Love Island that is on in the summer.

With the first series of Love Island in Winter underway, there is significant controversy surrounding whether two series of Love Island a year is necessary, as well as the effect of this on body positivity and commercialization. Love Island is already a controversial TV show, especially when it comes to issues concerning the mental health of its contestants both in and out of the villa. However, these problems seem to have been addressed, at least to some extent, with ITV assuring its audience, prior to the 2019 series, that the show’s aftercare package for contestants will help them deal with newfound fame and the challenges it brings.

When compared to the regular Summer Love Island, this series has been pretty much identical in format. While some may find this disappointing, perhaps anticipating a more wintry, seasonal vibe, I think the sun and heat is a positive aspect of the show for Love Island fans. From the opening episode onwards, it has been clear that Winter and Summer Love Island are essentially the same. The producers have clearly played it quite safe, but this has paid off, with the show’s usual audience being likely to engage with this series as much as they would with the Summer one.

For better or for worse, Love Island has been one of the most popular shows on TV over the last few years, so why not make more of it? Plenty of people, myself included, have welcomed Love Island in Winter, and this series does appear to be almost as popular as it is in the Summer. If it’s helping to brighten these cold January evenings, then I’m all for it.

this series does appear to be almost as popular as it is in the Summer

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