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Student society petitions to ban beef across campus

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A Be The Change installation in The Forum
Image: Pete Syme

Be The Change has recently launched two petitions asking the University to take action for environmental improvements, including banning beef across campus. 

The society aims to apply sustainable solutions to the climate crisis on campus. Among projects such as recycling and a bi-monthly veg box, students launched petitions targeted at banning environmentally damaging products on campus such as plastic cups and beef.

With Exeter at the forefront of research on the impact of plastic on marine wildlife, Be The Change found it surprising that campus outlets still give single-use plastic cups to students. The petition aimed to ban the use of these in The Ram and the Lemon Grove, reaching 500 signatures. The society is currently in contact with the University for the next steps of negotiation.

Be The Change has also launched a petition aiming to ban beef across campus in response to findings from the IPCC and the University’s Climate Emergency White Paper that reducing meat products will be instrumental in reducing carbon emissions and the environmental footprint.

It follows the success of Cambridge University in banning beef, as well as Edinburgh University’s referendum which rejected the action. 

A member of Be The Change told Exeposé:

“While an increasing number of people choose to ditch meat and fish from their diet (mostly for environmental or ethical reasons), meat is still consumed daily and the hope to make a quick change to a vegan diet for all is far-fetched. Therefore, targeting the most environmentally costly products and putting a stop on their sale on campus will lead to an effective change.

“It will also give space for other protein sources to be sold: vegan options that mimic meat or totally different are already winning the taste buds of students and staff. With more and more people trying to limit their carbon footprint by trying vegan options, increasing their diversity and availability will also boost the sustainability of the campus. It will also help students to change their behaviours and strongly signal to the world that a decision that may seem radical such as a ban is actually beneficial.”

More information

Be The Change: bethechange@groups.exeterguild.com

No Beef petition: https://www.change.org/p/student-body-of-exeter-university-ban-beef-across-campus-to-combat-climate-crisis

No single use plastic: https://www.change.org/p/university-of-exeter-say-no-to-single-use-plastic-cups-on-campus

Editor: Pete Syme

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