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Reliving Childhood Memories

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Childhood Relived

Aakz Karri relates the joys of unearthing childhood memories

On the 16th of March, the first measures which led to lockdown had been announced and as a consequence I returned home to The Hague in the Netherlands. It has been an interesting experience, especially since it has slowed and allowed for unlimited time with family and a chance to relive some childhood memories.

Time away from University has allowed me to invest in hobbies

Time away from University has allowed me to invest time in hobbies like journaling and cycling as well as gardening. Although I’m not much of an artsy or musical person, I have really enjoyed practicing and playing the flute. If I was back at university my skills would have been drowned in the ‘sea of flutes’ in the Concert Band. I now do most of these activities in my study breaks, as opposed to procrastination. This lockdown period has allowed me to relax and have a distinctive work-life balance.

My return to The Hague has inspired my family and I to play the Wii. We have played Wii Sports Resort, like we did many years ago. I have had the chance to rediscover my favourite Wii games, like Bowling and Skydiving. It has induced a sense of nostalgia and made me realise that no matter how much circumstances in life change, there are some things like playing the Wii that I will always enjoy.

Photo by Hugues de BUYER-MIMEURE on Unsplash

A few days after playing Wii Sports Resort, a surprising discovery was made as a forgotten game of Just Dance (2012) had been found in one of the old DVD boxes.  A lot of spare time was spent dancing around the living room with my family. Recently I have been using the ‘Just Sweat’ mode as a form of workout (would 100% recommend), which is what I used to do with friends when I was younger. One of my favourite workouts is ‘60s Swing dance mode’  as it uses a combination of jumping, dancing and yoga in the intense and cooling down mode. The 25 minute one, is ideal, as opposed to the 10 minute workout which feels too short, or the 45 minute sweat which triggers boredom. Growing up, I wasn’t a fan of dancing and I very much struggled in classes. But being able to use Just Dance helped me realise that dancing can be easy to learn, and is a surprisingly fun workout.

By being able to relive childhood memories, it has allowed me to discover the simplicity of life and how the discovery happiness is round the corner. Spending time with loved ones and being able to participate in hobbies, is what one needs. For me, this is the ultimate boost to my wellbeing in lockdown.

Cover Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

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