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Single Review: Jake Bugg – Saviours of the City

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Single Review: Jake Bugg – Saviours of the City

Print Music Editor Bridie Adams reviews Jake Bugg’s new song.

Jake Bugg’s new single is a refreshing, stripped down change from his last album. While Hearts That Strain, his last album, had a rich, textured sound, ‘Saviours of the City’ is simple but beautiful. The melody is sweet and memorable, especially in the short but effective chorus – “We were born to be saviours of the city, we were never meant to be”.  

‘Saviours of the City’ is simple but beautiful

Bugg’s voice fits the acoustic, soft vibe of the song perfectly. It’s a relaxing track, perfect for playing through your headphones during a stroll in the countryside (because that’s the most exciting outing any of us have been going on these days anyway) or during a study session. I have always found Jake Bugg to be one of those wonderfully flexible artists – I can listen to him when happy, upset, angry or tired. His discography is varied, and, to me, his new single seems like a perfect addition. It’s a chilled out change from his tracks, ‘Lightning Bolt’ and ‘Slumville Sunrise’ which, while not being overwhelming, are a little heavier. ‘Saviours of the City’ is mellow but catchy, easy to listen to and easy to love – even if my boyfriend did describe it as “wet”, at least he also called it “good for walking and pondering to”. Perhaps some people would have preferred something more upbeat or happening, but as far as I’m concerned, if the rest of Bugg’s new music is going to be as good as this, I can’t wait to hear it. 

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