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Up and Comers: Frankie Jones

Print Music Editor Bridie Adams interviews singer-songwriter Frankie Jones.
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Up and Comers: Frankie Jones

Image: Frankie Jones

Print Music Editor Bridie Adams interviews singer-songwriter Frankie Jones.

Singer-songwriter Frankie Jones from London is next to feature in my ‘Up and Comers’ series. He posts both covers and original content on his Instagram page, which I would highly recommend having a listen to! I interviewed Frankie about songwriting, inspiration and his first single release.

All your Instagram content is great, but I particularly like your original songs. How long have you been interested in songwriting?

Frankie Jones: I wrote my first song for my music GCSE! Obviously, it wasn’t anything special, but it was somewhere to start, and I’ve gradually improved slightly. I wouldn’t say they’re anything special either but it seems that the more I write the better they are so hopefully it stays on that line of improvement!

What’s your creative process like when it comes to writing songs?

Jones: It sounds weird but for a few of them I haven’t been in the situation that I wrote the song about, like being heartbroken, but I’d say I am in touch with my emotions so I have a picture of how it would feel and try and portray that with my lyrics. I’ll start by messing around a bit with my guitar and whistling a melody along with it and then find the words to fit along! It seems to be working so far but I’m hoping with the more equipment recording facilities I get, my music will only get better.

What are your key influences?

I would say Ben Howard and Dermot Kennedy.

What are you planning next? Are you currently working on new content?

Jones: I’m trying my hardest to get my music out there, hoping that someone can potentially help me out with recording and producing my new stuff. I feel like if you work hard, the opportunity comes to you, which is why I’ve recorded my own debut single that was released on 13th May on all platforms to kind of stand up and be counted. The quality of my recordings isn’t at a good enough level, in my opinion, as it is quite pricey to create your own recording studio in your bedroom! I am currently working on new content. I am hopefully going to be releasing a song I’ve written about my little sister. She is an absolute diamond and the strongest person I know so this one will be a song close to my heart once it’s all finished. All I can do is keep recording, keep improving, trying to create that break in the music industry for myself and hopefully my hard work pays off!

if you work hard, the opportunity comes to you

Be sure to follow Frankie on Instagram (@frankiejonesmusic) and check out his first single on streaming platforms!

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