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In conversation with: beabadoobee

Print Music Editor Bridie Adams interviews beabadoobee.
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In conversation with: beabadoobee

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Print Music Editor Bridie Adams interviews beabadoobee.

beabadoobee is one of bedroom pop’s biggest stars, having supported both The 1975 and Clairo on tour and recently released her debut album. I asked her about songwriting, inspiration and her advice to young musicians.

Bridie Adams: I can’t wait to see you live next year in Bristol on your own tour, but what is it like supporting and working with acts like the 1975 and Clairo?

beabadoobee: Both acts were incredible to tour with. The 1975’s production is on another level compared to any show I’ve ever witnessed. Clairo was incredibly professional and so warm and welcoming to me. It was my first ever tour and she was the big sister I needed and I will always be grateful for that. Both tours were amazing and opened my eyes further to why they are so great.

The 1975’s production is on another level compared to any show I’ve ever witnessed.

BA: Can you tell me about ‘Coffee’? What was it like hearing it go so viral on TikTok in Powfu’s track?

b: Coffee is the first song I ever wrote on guitar. I just learned how to play guitar, really just learned. It was cool seeing it get picked up and reworked and it getting so much attention. Hopefully it brought a lot more eyes onto my other tracks and people can get a feel for the other styles of music I’m making too. 

BA: What was the process of creating Fake It Flowers like?

b: Most of the record was written in my bedroom on my acoustic. I did write quite a bit during the Clairo tour too. The majority of all my music from Lice, Patched Up, Loveworm and Space Cadet was all written in my bedroom. So, Fake It Flowers followed the same formula, me being alone and writing in my bedroom where I can think straight.

BA: Who would you say are your main musical influences?

b: A lot of artists from Elliot Smith, Kimya Dawson, the Juno Soundtrack, Bjork, Dinosaur Jr, Smashing Pumpkins, The Sundays, a lot of 90’s bands and singers and film soundtrack music.

BA: Your lyrics are incredibly heartfelt and genuine. What kind of emotions and feelings tend to go into your songwriting journey?

b: I’d usually go out and live life and experience something with either my boyfriend or with my friends, and hear my stories through my friends and I would take those experiences and then be able to turn it into a story. I’ve also delved a bit deeper into what I’ve gone through growing up and my childhood.

BA: At only 20 years old you’ve become so successful and built such a name for yourself, which I really admire, especially as you’re the same age as myself and many of our writers and readers. Do you have any advice for other young people hoping to break into the music industry?

b: I would say to be true to yourself and to keep going. You never know what’s going to happen and how life will play things out. It’s different for everyone. For some people it will be to do well at school and get a certain job and be great at that. For others it may be to get really focused at what you want to do, or a certain craft, get inspired and creative and figure that out. Find your balance and never be too hard on yourself! 

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