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Single Review: Jade Bird – Open Up The Heavens

Megan Frost reviews Jade Bird's new single.
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Single Review: Jade Bird – Open Up The Heavens

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Megan Frost reviews Jade Bird’s new single.

After her release of Jade Bird in 2019 and single releases in 2020 ‘Headstart’ and ‘Houdini’, Jade Bird is back with her first single of the year which showcases her uniquely powerful voice, vivid lyrical vignettes, and blending of folk, rock, and country. ‘Open Up The Heavens’ shifts slightly between styles in its structure; it feels more rock in the verses, but pop-folk in the choruses. Bird’s verses use a disjointed rhythm with punchy riffs, fitting in with the lyrical telling of a “Stop, start and go/All the time” routine. Yet, the chorus has a softer feel due to leaving behind this disjointed feel we see in the verses, abandoning the guitar riffs for acoustic guitar and ethereal harmonies. The effect of Bird blending different genres in each section leaves us with the feel that the chorus erupts into what feels like an instrumental release. 

Bird’s lyrics in ‘Open Up The Heavens’ revolve around ever-changing weather being used to represent fluctuating emotions: the chorus repeats “it’s raining on me again” and uses weather to paint the image of romantic abandonment which is seen in the second verse that turns more personal. Indeed, Bird perfectly crafts the lyrics into the choppy instrumental riffs that seem akin to the changeable weather she sings about. Bird’s song is undoubtedly catchy – unsurprising given she deems it her favourite of the album to be – and impressive as ever: a promising first single of the year that boasts of what’s to come.

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