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The comeback of Crocs

Maggie John discusses the comeback of Crocs as a fashionable, or rather unfashionable, shoe choice
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The comeback of Crocs

Image: Wikimedia Commons, Pink Sherbet Photography

Maggie John discusses the comeback of Crocs as a fashionable, or rather unfashionable, shoe choice

I have never associated crocs with being fashionable. Every summer, my sisters and I would spend the summer running around in our pink crocs, but as I got older, the thought of wearing crocs–or god forbid being seen in crocs–became more and more embarrassing. They weren’t fashionable or cool. They were clunky and rubber; not something many teenagers wanted to be wearing. However, it seems as though that has changed.

Crocs were invented by Scott Seamans, Lyndon Hanson and George Boedbecker Jr. in 2002. They were designed as a boating shoe, as a result of their slip-resistant and non-marking sole, however they quickly became a comfortable staple. 

Yet, Crocs have always been controversial. Many people, in and out of the fashion industry, have strong opinions towards the wearing of crocs; some deem them ugly, others deem them as a lazy option. However, they are useful, and no one could deny how comfortable they are. 

That being said, I was confused when I started seeing people wearing crocs on Instagram. I was even more surprised when I started seeing variations of crocs, from sliders to platforms. 

Image: Crocs

Crocs have collaborated with several brands and celebrities, including Post Malone, KFC, Liberty London, Barney’s New York and Balenciaga. The magnitude of these names emphasise how Crocs are becoming more fashionable.

That being said, personally, I cannot see the “fashionable” side of crocs, and I certainly would not wear the sliders or the platforms.  But I can see the functional side. If I were to wear crocs, which I occasionally do, I would stick to the originals and tend to only wear them for their original purpose (boating – if kayaking counts).

It is fascinating to consider why they have suddenly become popular. Perhaps, it is a result of lockdown? People value comfort, now more than ever. But it is most likely a result of certain influencers posing with them on Instagram, deeming them as trendy, rather than ugly for the first time. 

In some ways, I admire the comeback of Crocs. I never understood the extent to which people hated them, confused as to what was so bad about them. However, I do not think I will ever be persuaded to wear a pair of Crocs sliders and certainly not a pair of Crocs platforms. 

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