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Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Olivia Richards shares her top tips for keeping cool in the summer heat.
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Feeling hot hot hot

Image by jplenio from Pixabay

Olivia Richards shares her top tips for keeping cool in the summer heat.

As the sun begins to cast a golden glow, things have been heating up in the UK. Yet many of us aren’t used to the sweltering heat that instantly makes you need to apply deodorant as soon as you leave the door. However grateful we all must feel for the sunshine, sometimes the heat can be too much making you feel like you are cooking away on a sizzling hot barbecue. With a mini heatwave predicted for the first half of August, the public take to sitting out in their gardens, and I will be sharing the much-needed best ways to keep cool whilst soaking in the rays.

Iced everything!

With the heat turning up, ice is the way to go. When I say ice I mean iced water, iced coffees, ice lollies and ice cream. When you are starting to feel hot it is very important to stay hydrated to avoid headaches and feeling lightheaded. If you are feeling unpleasantly warm you could even make your own iced bath outside for your feet while you relax with a book, or put iced water into an old perfume bottle and spray onto your face for a refreshing hit of coolness. The results are in and August is bound to be scorching so make sure to pay a trip to the freezer aisle the next time you go food shopping.

Cooling off

Compared to winter where a nice warm shower can be pleasantly enjoyable, as we approach the height of summer you may want to switch this around. After sweltering in the sun a cold shower is bound to be more refreshing, so make sure you turn that heat down. Plus, this will cut your water bill in half.

Spot The Shade

There is nothing wrong with moving over into the shade: there will be plenty more days to work on that tan. If you can’t find any shade in your garden or in the park, you can create your own shade either with an umbrella stand or maybe something more imaginative. If you don’t own a sun umbrella you could try hiding under a chair or even just covering your face with clothes to give yourself a break and cool off.


Another brilliant way to stop yourself from burning up is to use a fan. Whether you have a giant mechanical fan, a small hand sized one or even something cut out of card or big leaves, this is guaranteed to save you from the heat of August. If you have a partner, friend or family member who is willing to fan you that’s even better – but this may take a bit of persuasion or bribery!

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