Exeter, Devon UK • Sep 26, 2023 • VOL XII
Exeter, Devon UK • Sep 26, 2023 • VOL XII
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Single Review: Big Thief – Little Things

Caitlin Barr reviews Big Thief's latest single, 'Little Things'.
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Single Review: Big Thief – Little Things

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Caitlin Barr reviews Big Thief’s latest single, ‘Little Things’

Brooklyn band Big Thief have always had a knack for capturing small, intimate moments in lyrics. Little Things, the band’s latest single released earlier this month, follows suit, putting to music the thoughts of a lover trapped in an obsessive, intoxicating relationship. The upbeat utilisation of clapping and a buoyant guitar track juxtaposes with lead singer Lenker’s somewhat morose, subdued vocals, giving the whole track a sense of irony. While she sings of a lover who makes her feel both ‘gold and blue’, the guitar riff propels the song forward. You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking this is just a chilled out summer track on your first listen, but to pinhole it as that would be a grave mistake. 

This is a song about the oxymoron of the feelings experienced in a toxic relationship – the hope, the grief, the anxiety, and the elation. Lenker identifies the sensation of tracking someone’s face in a crowded place and the infatuation of a love that always leaves you needing more. In short, it’s a prime contender for sad girl summer anthem, comparable to some of Mitski’s ouevre in its contrast between melancholy lyrics and a cheerful backing track.

Big Thief’s entire body of work is caught up in the intimate, the molecular moments of life. Little Things, as its name suggests, picks up on these themes, painting a portrait of damaging desire and the loneliness of being next to someone who doesn’t give you the attention you need. I’m just excited to see what the New York quartet bring out next. 

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