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Spotify Playlist: Dark Too Soon

Lara Davies curates and describes an autumnal Spotify playlist.
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Spotify Playlist: Dark Too Soon

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Lara Davies curates and describes her autumnal Spotify playlist.

The timetable has tick-tocked away its last few minutes, and breaking free from the glass mouth of Forum, you find yourself trudging through a real-life film noir. With rain cutting through the darkness, nature has lifted its apocalyptic head. Now, suspended between brain fog and academic defeat, you release, you press shuffle.

Aphex Twin’s ‘Polynomial-C’ marks your transcendence into this dystopian bliss, rebirthing you as an android, waltzing through the digitalised cosmos. As you float through the dark clouds, you are kept company by the ethereal wails of the Cocteau Twins. Their girlish hums transport you to a prom hall where Angel Olsen and Wolf Alice sway in the shadows – and you ask yourself “What if it’s not meant for me? (Love)”. Enough. Their teen melodrama is given a reality-check, as the night air is jarred by the grating guitar of black midi and Black Country, New Road. These post-punk bodyguards, suited and booted, flank you on either side. But who can narrate this mystical angst best? No other than Ian Curtis – the frantic highs of Joy Division’s ‘Disorder’ grant your soggy shoes electric wings. Now you may fly through this tarmac palace of decomposition.

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