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Home Music Single Review: Honeyglaze – Female Lead

Single Review: Honeyglaze – Female Lead

Online Music Editor Tom Bosher reviews Honeyglaze's latest single, Female Lead.
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Single Review: Honeyglaze – Female Lead

Online Music Editor – Tom Bosher reviews Honeyglaze’s latest single, Female Lead.

Female Lead is the fourth single to be released by London based trio Honeyglaze, on their upcoming self-titled album Honeyglaze, set for release on 29th April. The song depicts a daughter going through the motions of a dodgy impulse hair dye after seeing a captivating leading lady in film. I recommend watching the video, it captures the mood perfectly.

I was overwhelmed by the state of the world during the first lockdown and constantly being surrounded by bad news. It was a time when people were playing with changing their appearance and I felt incapable of writing anything of any actual importance so I decided to write about something as completely arbitrary as dying my hair. [1]

Lead singer Anouska Sokolow – The Fader

The song is playful and earnest, capturing that main character energy you can get at the prospect of impulsively changing your appearance, “I could be just like the female lead”. Then comes the ensuing shame but simultaneous hilarity of “Oh God, I’ve let my mother down.”

The simple but groovy sound of the trio lets Anouska’s voice swoon over the song, and despite not having a chorus, hooks you in for a gentle sway with lilting bass and drums. A great and subtle guitar solo in the instrumental lets the track breathe, as the narrative progresses to being slightly more crazed “I drank some holy water, I thought maybe that would wash it out.”

The track feels unpretentious and lively, with the continually fruitful structure of the band as trio making that uncomplicated ‘live sound’ seem effortless. I thought maybe we’d not been bestowed a classic Speedy Wunder Synth but, of course, this is Dan Carey we’re talking about, and he snuck one in for us in the final verse.

Honeyglaze once again hit their mark of simple but sweet, not attempting to embody the total suffocating angst of youth, and admitting “There’s matters far more pressing than letting hair drive me insane”. Instead they’re just gently and playfully telling you, it’s fine, we’re a bit nuts too, and comforting us with relatable lyrics and catchy riffs.

[1] https://www.thefader.com/2022/03/09/honeyglaze-female-lead-premiere

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