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The best student-friendly browser extensions

Lifestyle Editor Gracie Moore recommends browser extensions that are suitable for university students.
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The best student-friendly browser extensions

Image: Agnieszka Boeske via Unsplash

Lifestyle Editor Gracie Moore recommends browser extensions that are suitable for university students.

Are you a stressed-out University student looking for some cheat codes for life? Even though helpful (and free!) browser extensions are scarcely advertised to us, there are a few that I have found invaluable while studying that I’d like to share. They may be related to making essay writing easier or even just saving a few pennies on shopping – something I’m sure we could all do with.

Google Dictionary (free)

Firstly, we have the essential essay writing tool, Google Dictionary. Have you ever found yourself sifting through pages and pages of further reading resources only to come up against words you’ve never heard of before? Instead of opening new tabs and manually searching for the definition, you can simply double tap the word in question and a pop-up window with the definition and pronunciation will appear without disrupting your reading flow. 

Grammarly (free, premium features available)

If you’re in higher education and have never heard of Grammarly, you must have been living under a rock. Grammarly is a must-have for perfectionist essay writers who don’t want to lose any spelling, punctuation or grammar marks. The software highlights all mistakes while also suggesting other corrections. In addition, Grammarly can even tell you how clear your writing is and how engaging it is! There are many more advanced features if you pay for Premium too – you do not want to miss out on this one! The only downside of Grammarly is that it is only available as a browser extension for Windows and Mac. However, their website is equally as efficient for all of you Chrome users out there!

Honey (free)

Honey has been widely advertised on Instagram and Youtube as it is perfect for students on a tight budget. Have you ever mindlessly scrolled through ASOS, adding anything and everything to your basket only to gasp at the total cost at the end? Honey might be able to help you, as it scours the whole Internet looking for useful coupon codes, often saving you money where you didn’t think you could. This isn’t limited to clothing websites either – you could potentially save money on your food or other purchases!

Cash Organiser (free)

If you find that you often get confused or lost with your money and want to get better at budgeting, then Cash Organiser may be able to help you. You can use this for yourself or with friends and family and it allows you to manage transactions effectively and manage your budget by dividing expenses into different categories. As a student, this may be helpful when keeping track of how much money you spend on different things like food or nights out.

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