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A Fresher’s guide to the best campus study spaces

Editor-in-Chief Clémence Smith draws up a list of campus study spaces for Freshers looking to get some work done between lectures.
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A Fresher’s guide to the best campus study spaces

Image: Clémence Smith

Editor-in-Chief Clémence Smith draws up a list of campus study spaces for Freshers looking to get some work done between lectures.

Campus can seem overwhelming as a Fresher – there are so many nooks and crannies that it can be difficult to know which one to choose! As far as study spaces go, everyone will have different criteria – while some prefer to work in quiet, others might enjoy having some background noise.

Here is a list of study spaces on Streatham Campus and St Luke’s which I hope you will find helpful. Once the excitement of Freshers’ Week has died down and deadlines draw nearer, you can spend less time searching for a seat and instead knuckle down and finish your assessments.

Forum Library

Perhaps the most obvious study space of them all – located at the heart of Streatham campus, it is easy to access and is open 24/7. There are plenty of plug sockets to charge your devices, as well as computers, printers and bookable group study rooms. From dedicated quiet study spaces to the bustling Law Library, there is something here for everyone. Besides, buying a snack and sitting on the steps outside of the Forum makes for a perfect study break. The Forum Library can get very busy during exams and deadlines season, so make sure you get there early to claim your seat!

Forum Library entrance
Image: Isabella Ankerson

The Sanctuary

Under the Great Hall in the Forum, the Sanctuary is a large open-plan room that is great for bigger groups. Although beware – this space is used for January and May exams, as well as during Freshers’ Week, so it is best to go there during term time.

The Loft

Tucked away above DH2 (the second floor of Devonshire house), the Loft is a more relaxed study space with a comfortable atmosphere. It has lots of computers and large tables to share with friends. It can get noisy at times, though, so I recommend that you bring your headphones!

Image: Isabella Ankerson

Peter Chalk

Just a stone’s throw away from the Peter Chalk lecture theatres and seminar rooms, this is a handy place to study if you want to brush up on some notes before class. There is also a Barisca coffee shop next door if you fancy a drink or bite to eat. Its only disadvantage is that it’s at the top of Forum Hill!

Amory and Harrison Building

Similar to Peter Chalk, these study spaces are good for shorter productive stints between lectures.

Devonshire House

Home to the Guild and XMedia (that’s us!), Devonshire House has a relaxed atmosphere, with a choice of sofas, armchairs, stools and tables. It can get very noisy during lunchtime, though, so bare this in mind if you need to concentrate on a task. One of its disadvantages is that it doesn’t have many plug sockets. However, if you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of Ted Lorenzo the therapy dog, who visits Devonshire house once a week!

Image: Isabella Ankerson

La Touche Cafe

This one is often overlooked – located next to the Business School and at the bottom of Forum Hill, you can save yourself some energy by avoiding the hill climb. It is a light and airy space and surprisingly quiet after lunchtime, so do give it a try.

Queen’s Cafe

A personal favourite of mine, as it is laid-back, not too busy and relatively quiet (although this will depend on the time of day). A major bonus point is the terrace, which is ideal during early autumn and spring as you can get your work done while also making the most of some nice weather.

Queen's cafe
Image: Isabella Ankerson

The Ram

Although The Ram is part of the list, don’t be fooled – if you go here to study, your fingers will most likely end up too greasy from eating curly fries to do any typing. If you run into some friends, consider your good intentions doomed.

Haighton Library

An obvious choice if you’re located on St Luke’s, but also a good alternative to the Forum Library during exams season. A change of scenery is great for productivity!

Cross Keys

Another St Luke’s option, similar to the Queen’s and La Touche cafes. There are plenty of snacks, sandwiches, hot beverages available, that are the perfect way to keep you motivated throughout a long day of essay writing.

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