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Spotify playlist: Exeter’s party playlist

Writer Harry Craig curates a Spotify playlist capturing the aesthetic to complement the perfect group hangout sessions.
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Spotify playlist: Exeter’s party playlist

Image: Max Crawford

Harry Craig makes the perfect party playlist to play in the background for all your group hang-outs.

We are at the beginning of the first semester- that sweet spot right after Freshers’ where the parties are in full swing and you’re hanging out with your new friends constantly. Here’s a playlist that complements those perfect group hangout sessions.

This playlist captures that exciting, happy vibe that is warm and inviting to everyone, no matter the music preference one can have. It collates multiple artists- focusing more on the style and overall aesthetic of the music than hyper-focusing on a particular artist.

We know the deadline season creeps up on you so enjoy this time for now and listen to this playlist to celebrate the best memories of your university experience!

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