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Home Screen Review: Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

Review: Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour

Kayleigh Swart discusses the highly anticipated Eras Tour Movie, praising the production of both the show and the film, as well as Swift's own performance.
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TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR Concert Film Official Trailer

It’s finally here: The Eras tour movie. Swifties have been waiting for this since it was confirmed that Swift’s LA shows were being recorded. The movie has already become the highest grossing concert recording, and the question I’m sure a lot of non-swifites are asking is: is it really that good? I’m here to tell you- it really is. I’m going to break down this review into three sections: production of the film, production of the show, and Swift’s performance.

Starting with the production of the film – it’s fantastic. The camera work shows each part of the stage and the production, you really feel like you’re in the stadium watching. We get shots of the fans, dancers and band. Some of the behind the scenes of the filming has been posted online and you can see how hard the cameramen are working. They spend the whole performance running around the stage like crazy. And it really pays off, the shots are gorgeous and really capture the magic of the production of the show.

Starting with the production of the film – it’s fantastic.

Which is what I’ll move on to discussing next. Swift goes all out for each era. There are perfectly planned visuals and lights for each second of the show. Everything lines up perfectly with the songs and dancer. Swift spares no expense, giving each audience member light up wristbands that match what’s happening on stage. There are also several costume changes for both Swift and her dancers to fit the era she is performing. There has been a lot of discourse on how expensive her tickets were, but you can really see how that money is being used to create such an amazing show to watch.

Finally, lets talk about Taylor Swift’s performance, as this is what we all came to see. It is truly breath taking. Swift has received a lot of criticisms during her career about her ability to sing or dance, but she really buries all these thoughts with this performance. Her ability to command a stage on her own is incredible, especially such a large stage. Her ability to connect with everyone watching like it was a private concert is remarkable. Her stamina should also be noted, the film is about three hours long and several songs were cut out of the final cut. Swift is not just singing these songs she is truly performing them.

Her ability to connect with everyone watching like it was a private concert is remarkable.

Overall, I think this movie is amazing. While I’m sure it’s nothing compared to the real thing, this film allows all her fans to experience the concert, even if they couldn’t get tickets or live somewhere she is not touring. Swift really sets the bar high for all future concert films, although I think most other artists will struggle to reach the level that Swift has set.

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