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Guild Officer Election Results

Exeposé announces the new Guild Elected Officers, including the Guild President, the Sports President and NUS Officers for 2024/25.
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Following the intense period of nominations, online and physical campaigning and voting, Exeposé can now announce the new Guild Officers. 

Over 4000 students cast their vote in the election, which translated into a 13 per cent turnout, up one per cent from last year.

Receiving 1438 votes after three rounds of voting quotas, Alex Martin succeeds Emma de Saram as the Guild President for 2024/25.

Thomas Tran becomes Community and Equality Officer after five rounds of voting quotas, with 713 votes, whilst Sebastian Racisz is the new Education Officer, gaining 1078 votes after three rounds of voting quotas.

Joining the team is also Kira Brookes, as the new Student Living Officer, receiving 952 votes after three rounds of voting quotas. 

The narrowest election was for the new Societies and Employability Officer, with India Walton-Salmon winning 764 votes after four rounds of voting quotas, which was only two votes more than her opponent at the final stage, Mathias La Pira.

Also in the results was the election of the Sport President, Chloe Whitworth, after gaining 978 votes following four rounds of voting quotas. 

Alex Stanley, Alex Martin, Amandine Brown, Cordelia Thompson, Isra Ahmed, Jakob Habsburg Lothringen-Kyburg, Rhys Wallis and Trey Tallon were elected as NUS Representatives.

The results night also featured the Golden Goat Awards, given by Guild staff to recognise the efforts of different candidates and campaigns. The new Guild President, Alex Martin was awarded the ‘Most Unmissable Candidate Award’, for one not being able to be on campus without seeing their campaign materials. For slick branding and cohesive online presence, Jack Barry won the ‘Best Online Campaign’ award. For their innovative in-person campaigning, Zixian Liu won the Golden Goat for ‘Outstanding Physical Campaign’. For ‘Elections Influence’, focusing on their social media presence, Captain Hook Tallon won. Chlo Burluka, for her multilingual campaign, was recognised through the ‘Most Creative Campaign’ award. Finally, Chloe Whitworth, Sports President 2024/25, won the ‘Outstanding Campaign Team’ Golden Goat, for their impressive campaigning each day.

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