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Live Review: Reneé Rapp

Florence New reviews Reneé Rapp's recent performance at the Roundhouse in Camden for her "Snow Hard Feelings" tour.
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Image: Flickr via Kirk Stauffer

In recent months, Reneé Rapp has gone from being a familiar name amongst reformed theatre kids and queer women to a well-known and well-loved pop icon. Her recent tour, Snow Hard Feelings, caught her at the cusp of this change. At the Roundhouse in Camden, there was a crowd of dedicated fans from a range of backgrounds. It was an intimate venue, with a great view of the stage even standing right at the back.

Towa Bird was supposed to be opening, but due to delays, the concert began without a warm-up act. Rapp’s set was a real rollercoaster of emotions, from upbeat and vengeful songs like “Poison Poison” to gut-wrenching emotional renditions of “I Wish” and “Snow Angel.” The vast majority of Reneé’s most known songs were played, mixed in with her reading many of the audience’s signs, most of which were too inappropriate to be repeated here!

Rapp’s set was a real rollercoaster of emotions.

This was the first concert I ever attended alone, but I quickly made friends, and at no point did I feel alone. In fact, I felt more seen than at any concert I’d ever been to before, with Reneé Rapp dancing around the stage to “Pretty Girls,” unabashedly holding a lesbian pride flag.

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