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Editorial Team 2022-2023

by victoria
Year 2023-2024

Editorial Team

Exeposé is the University of Exeter’s independent student newspaper. We produce 1,000 print copies per fortnight that are distributed across the University campuses and our website averages at 20, 000 views per month. We have an established online presence, with more than 10, 000 followers across all social media. Exeposé speaks from the heart of the student body and can therefore help your brand engage with students in Exeter and beyond.

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Senior Editors

Ana Anajuba

Online Editor-in-Chief

As a third-year English and French student, Ana is looking forward to making son expérience française (her French experience) her entire personality. When not sitting in a café most known for its abundance of existential French philosophers, Ana enjoys reading the myriad of articles on the Exeposé website, making vegan ice cream from frozen fruit, and using the Oxford comma as a weapon. As a stickler for grammatical rules – and ironically someone who believes rules should be bent – Ana is happy to have finally found a way to use her skills that does not involve talking to Year 6 children (in her day job as a tutor). Her hobbies and interest are kaleidoscopic, ranging from designing and sewing clothes, indulging her encyclopedic knowledge of etymologies and creating her own fantastical language for her perpetually upcoming novel, to watching grown adults play-fight each other in pro-wrestling. In short, Ana hopes to use all this extra energy and focus it on working with her fellow committee members.

Clémence Smith

Online Editor-in-Chief

In her third year studying English, Clémence is eager to see Exeposé flourish and looks forward to writing articles with her co-editors. When she is not browsing the internet looking for new article ideas, Clémence is usually busy making memes to send to her friends or drinking bubble tea. The key to her heart, though, is her home town’s boulangerie (alas, the French cliché rings true). She will tell anyone who will listen about the latest book she is reading, or her quest to expand her Chopin repertoire on the piano. Most of all, she enjoys a cosy night in with her closest friends, playing overly competitive Monopoly or rustling up a new recipe for her housemates to try.

Megan Ballantyne

Print Editor-in-Chief

Megan has been a member of Exeposé since the very beginning of her time here at Exeter, and cannot wait to lead the print team alongside Josh this year. When she is not doing her very best to stay sane in the Exeposé office or desperately trying to convince the Guild to let us get a coffee machine, she likes to spend her free time embarrassing her friends with her dancing, or laughing very hard at jokes which really are not that funny. She also enjoys spontaneous trips to the beach, vintage shopping, and visiting cute cafes around town. As a Senior Editor, she hopes to encourage the section editors to produce creative, quality content week on week, and also looks forward to leading some exciting investigations with the news team! She cannot wait to get to know all the new Exeposé committee members and writers even better!

Joshua Hughes

Print Editor-in-Chief

Josh is going into his third year at Exeter and is really looking forward to being a part of the senior team at Exeposé. While in the minority as a student who doesn’t do English at Exeposé, studying Politics, Sociology and French really shows he has a love for words. Having worked as Print Features Editor last year, Josh is looking forward to bring his experience and help lead the print side. Having such a fantastic editorial team elected for the paper this year really excites Josh as he does not doubt that the paper will always be brimming with interesting stories. When not writing, Josh can be found enjoying a new release at the cinema or a night out at Cheesys and he will never turn down a day out at the rugby.

Daisy Scott

Online Deputy Editor

Daisy is in her fourth year studying for a primary science PGCE and is excited to be returning to Exeposé for the second year. She was previously the online science editor but is now excited to be stepping up her responsibility by joining the senior team. She hopes that Exeposé will be a welcoming place for all members (whether it’s their first year or third year). While not working, or on placement, you’re most likely to find her dancing (every night of the week) or binge-watching Netflix. She can also be seen from almost anywhere in a room as she is six foot three.

Online Deputy Editor

In her fourth year, studying for a Master’s in International Relations, Isabella joined Exeposé in an attempt to kick-start her aspiring career in journalism. She was previously online news editor, so she is looking forward to continuing with her investigations as a part of the senior team! As a recovering English graduate, Isabella is also an avid fan of all things literature, art and music. When she’s not burying herself in writing and editing, she can either be found sipping a chai latte in the nearest coffee shop, listening to music, or having *sophisticated* drinks with her friends.

Livvy Mason-Myhill

Print Deputy Editor

Livvy is overjoyed to be a part of the Exeposé senior team as Print Deputy Editor. She is in her second year at Exeter studying English (not another one) and is delighted to take on the new challenges and opportunities that the role will entail. Uncovering and investigating possible news projects would be the highlight of her year. When she is not busy worrying about how much reading she has to do for her course or frantically editing pages of the newspaper in the office, Livvy can usually be found hunting for new clothes in Urban Outfitters or embarrassingly screaming Taylor Swift songs at the top of her lungs. She is passionate about feminism and strives to smash the patriarchy. Her obsession with coffee, novels and journalism made Livvy want to become the next Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls (minus the messy parts of Rory’s life, of course).

Oliver Lamb

Print Deputy Editor

Oliver is a second-year Politics student who has surprisingly few identifiable political opinions, which (hopefully) makes Features the perfect fit for him. He likes reading, writing, photography, getting lost amid progressively more obscure Wikipedia articles, table tennis, pool, roast beef and some other things. He has mixed feelings about socialising: sometimes he likes it, sometimes he does not, and he is never very good at it. What he definitely does not like is wasting words, either in speech or in writing, which is why he is keeping his description short and sweet.

Pollyanna Roberts

Print Deputy Editor

Pollyanna is extremely excited to be part of the senior team as Print Deputy Editor. Her love for journalism and critical thinking has only grown throughout her first year as an Exeposé writer. Pollyanna started as a Print Screen editor which allowed her to illustrate her adoration for all things film, but she’s excited to tackle News and help lead Exeposé. When not writing articles, Pollyanna can be found devouring novels, bingeing Tarantino films or winning beer pong at her Wednesday Boxing socials. She’s passionate about literature, as a second-year English literature student, and hopes her articles will stir up interest, excitement, and opinions!


Nancy Stitt

Social Media Executive

Nancy is a third-year Natural Sciences student who cannot wait to be on the Exeposé committee this year! Between September and January she will be doing a semester abroad in Tokyo, where she hopes to eat her body weight in sushi and explore as much of the beautiful country as she can. Nancy absolutely loved her role as Print Science Editor last year, and is excited to learn more about the online side of Exeposé and engage with the society and readers through social media. Ninety per cent of the time Nancy can be found in the Pret queue, fuelling her ever-increasing (and slightly concerning) coffee addiction. She can also be found on the TP dance floor every single Friday, watching the sunset in Exmouth or attempting to romanticise her studies in different cafés around town.

Georgia Balmer

Events Executive

Georgia is incredibly excited to be returning to Exeter and rejoining the committee after a year in industry spent pretending to have her life together. After a nearly sixteen month hiatus from Cheesies, Forum Pret, and, of course, Exeposé, she cannot wait to return to EX4! When not trying to convince friends and strangers alike that Caroline Calloway is the next Donna Tartt, Georgia enjoys cooking, travelling, and the Oxford comma. She makes a mean margarita and can practically recite Nigella Lawson’s How to be a Domestic Goddess word-for-word. These “skills”, she hopes, will come in handy as Events Executive. 

Lauren Walsh

Administrative Executive

Lauren is studying Liberal Arts and is majoring in English (surprise surprise) while also doing bits of German and Geography. As a first year, she is very excited to be part of Exeposé and the committee for the first time and is eager to learn more about journalism! Lauren can usually be found with her head in a book, or with headphones in listening to probably unhealthy amounts of Taylor Swift and musical theatre. Since coming to Exeter, the discovery of Cheesy Tuesdays has changed her life and she can be found at Unit 1 most Tuesday nights, singing and dancing her heart out.

News Team

Amelie Thompson

Online News Editor

Though new to Exeposé this year, Amelie is excited to be part of the excellent editorial team and will use her role as Online News Editor to encourage student engagement with all the important issues in and around university and Exeter. As a second-year Politics and Sociology student, she is further diluting the dominance of English students on the team and is particularly passionate about intersectional social justice. When she is not lamenting over the state of society or losing track of time in the library, Amelie will be found scouring the racks for her next charity shop find, trying (and failing) to avoid spending more money at Camper Coffee or enjoying a night out with friends.

Megan Haynes

Online News Editor

As a second-year BA Geography student, Megan is looking forward to bringing her own ideas to her role as Online News Editor. She is particularly passionate about news concerning the environment and sustainability and how students form a crucial part of this. As someone who has always enjoyed writing, Megan is looking forward to working with Isabella to make Exeposé online news the best it has ever been. When she is not writing for Exeposé or colouring in maps for a degree, you can find Megan going for walks, watching trashy TV shows and hanging out in the pub with friends.

Amy Rushton

Print News Editor

Amy has spent most of her time at Exeter so far writing essays, re-watching Jane Austen adaptations, and freezing in the Cavern queue. This year will be business as usual, except she will also be Print News Editor! A second-year History student who has written for Exeposé since Freshers’, Amy is looking forward to taking an active role investigating news stories. Even if she does not uncover the next big scandal, her passion for journalism means she is hoping to raise student awareness of local and university news. When not writing, she intends to dazzle her housemates with exceptional cooking skills (and apologise for their food poisoning if said skills turn out to be less exceptional than she thought), find excuses not to go running, and if she has time maybe even study. She is very excited to be on committee this year!

Charlie Gershinson

Print News Editor

Despite joining the Exeposé team just a few short months ago, Charlie is thrilled to be joining the team as Print News Editor. Currently in his second year studying history, he is looking forward to writing about current affairs and investigating the news stories which matter to students in Exeter and the country, rather than investigating the effects of tax policy in the Byzantine Empire in the fourteenth century. When not working hard on the next big scoop, Charlie can be found boring his friends to death about the most inane political trivia, being slowly indoctrinated into the surprisingly deep lore of Taylor Swift, and playing his oboe at every possible opportunity.

Comment Team

Kristen Taylor

Online Comment Editor

As an opinionated third-year Politics student and past writer for Exeposé, Kristen looks forward to delving into both societal and political issues throughout the Comment columns’ future content calls. When she is not giving her input on current issues, Kristen enjoys a game of tennis or session with the advanced group on-campus, trying out different restaurants on Exeter high-street (or repeatedly ending up at Old Fire House), and occasional late-night trips to the library. She hopes that the content of Exeposé Comment will continue to cover a large variety of topics, whilst engaging with new writers to foster unique interpretations and self-expression. 

Jamie Speka

Online Comment Editor

Jamie is a second-year English and Communications student passionate about journalism’s power. She is excited to support other students with similar interests via the online comment section. She is quick to have an opinion and is inclined to engage in pub debates on things she is passionate about. Aside from writing, Jamie enjoys talking her friends’ ears off about sociology (which she doesn’t even study) and doing her part with the Debating and Feminist committees. She began journalistic writing in her hometown in California and, since then, has always had a calling investigating social inequalities. She hopes the Comment will challenge societal norms in order to foster a better community for all.

Anabel Costa-Ferreira

Print Comment Editor

Anabel is a second-year English student who has consistently been writing for Exeposé throughout her time as a silly fresher. Though she dabbled in a few sections, she took a particular liking to Comment and looks forward to opening a space for a good (and often well-needed) debate. Typically, Anabel can be found frantically reading for her degree in a corner of the library, singing until she loses her voice at Fever Monday, or rewatching a classic episode of Pride and Prejudice (has to be the BBC one) or Brooklyn 99. Part of a Portuguese family (yet raised in London) one can confidently say Anabel is well versed in a good debate and therefore very ready for comment. Whilst she continues to buy books for her overflowing bookshelves, Anabel cannot wait to translate her love of writing into becoming part of the editing team.  

Connor Goddard

Print Comment Editor

Connor is one of this year’s Comment Editors and a second-year French and Politics student! Since 2021 Connor has written for a few different sections. But the latter part of his degree explains why he decided to focus on the Comment section, as he is always up for a good debate. He’s really looking forward to working with Anabel on the comment section and debating some of the really important issues both at Univeristy and on a wider scale. When not writing, Connor can usually be found in TP if it is a Friday night or Pura Vida trying to gain back his strength if it is a Saturday morning.

Satire Team

Joseph Vinton

Online Satire Editor

Joe is a third-year English student who has decided that the best way to relax between dissertation writing stints is to edit satire articles for Exeposé. There has never been a better time to get involved with a healthy dose of satirical writing, and Joe is looking forward to reading a vast assortment of witty words to keep him laughing until graduation. He is almost as new to satire as the satire section is to Exeposé, but Joe has every confidence that his whimsical naivety will help encourage other writers to embrace their funny side and also give Satire a go for the first time.

Archie Lockyer

Online Satire Editor

Back despite popular demand, Archie moves from Screen to Satire. Bringing with him a desire to splash his dry, cynical sense of humour across your computer screens. Before he is inevitably fired or detained by Campus Security, Archie plans to take the mickey out of everything from the University ploys to be your mate to the morons we call politicians. Studying English and Film, you can also still find him writing for Screen talking about whatever film or TV show he has been making his personality this week. 

Cleo Gravett

Print Satire Editor

After a successful labour and a blissful first year in print, fourth-year English student Cleo is excited to continue raising her baby, the Exeposé Satire section, into the terrible toddler years. Freshly bhack from a year abroad in South Korea (though she promises not to be that person who shoehorns it into every conversation), Cleo is excited to be back on campus and listening out for the topics on everyone’s lips, picking only the juiciest to appear in the hot pink type of the Satire page. You may also see her writing in the Film, Arts + Lit, and Music sections, but puns and politics remain her first love. 

Features Team

Maggie John

Online Features Editor

Maggie is a fourth-year Modern Languages student, returning to Exeter after her year abroad, which she spent doing a variety of things, from working as an au pair, to studying and most recently, an internship in Human Resources and pedagogy. Maggie has been a keen writer for Exeposé since her second year and has written a variety of articles. However, Maggie is delighted to be working with Cat over the next year, as a Features Editor and to really  dig her teeth into some important and interesting topics. In her spare time, Maggie can be found reading a new book, sewing a new pair of trousers, struggling to remember the lyrics to Spanish songs or most probably planning her next trip. 

Catherine Stone

Online Features Editor

As a final-year Liberal Arts student and History major, Catherine (or Cat) has enjoyed exploring her interests by studying across different disciplines and by writing across Exeposé since her first year, developing a passion for student journalism in the process. By day, she is curled up reading a book, vainly trying to write an essay or out on a walk in the Exeter countryside to escape her own mind. By night, she is asleep. As a Features Editor, Catherine is looking forward to gaining some great experience by digging deep into a fascinating array of topics and editing some excellent student writing!

Benedict Arthur Thompson

Print Features Editor

I am in my second year studying History with a passion for journalism and I am overjoyed about joining the Features team at Exeposé. I am looking forward to bringing key issues to light and continuing to provide exciting interviews, fuelled by my coffee addiction. I am passionate about helping people, from raising awareness about key issues in my articles to local campaigning. When not writing, I can be found jogging in Exeter’s countryside, drinking coffee in a reggae café with my friends, or back in London watching the mighty Fulham at Craven Cottage. My niche hobby is casually painting when I have time.

Austin Taylor

Print Features Editor

Austin is a fourth-year Ancient History student. He has contributed to various sections of Exeposé since 2020, but this year has decided to try and narrow his focus and do Feature editorial. In his third year, Austin went on exchange to the University of Hong Kong, often writing from there and developing his already extant interest in worldwide current affairs. Austin enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, rugby, football, catching the latest releases in the cinema, and trying to pretend his degree is relevant. He hopes to bring his point of view to the Features section and looks forward to working with the rest of the editorial team! 

Science Team

Imogen Poyntz-Wright

Online Science Editor

Imogen is really excited to be part of the online team! Yet not much else has changed for her this year. She will likely continue her insane coffee consumption habit, which is actually more likely to increase with her starting an Ecotoxicology PhD! Other than that, she will continue to be a Netflix binger and the first person to always get up and dance at a party – only after one/two ciders because she’s a lightweight. You will most likely find her at the Glorious Art Cafe, Unit 1 (only for Cheesy Tuesdays though) or in Tesco getting a meal deal!

Esther Humphries

Online Science Editor

Currently in her third year studying English and French, Esther is looking forward to joining the Exeposé committee this year. Having been a member since first year, she is keen to get more involved with the society through a committee role, bringing her own interests to the content calls and her eye for grammar to the editing! This year Esther is living in Vichy, France while on her year abroad and so is hoping to keep in touch with the Exeter student community through its excellent student journalism. By day she may be teaching English to twelve-year-old French schoolkids, but in her free time, you can find Esther writing and editing articles, reading, crocheting or going for walks.

Dan Pain

Print Science Editor

Going into his third year of his Natural Sciences degree, Dan is really excited to become part of the Exeposé team and bring his passion and interest for all things science to the student body. He loves a good knock about on the tennis court or lying in the shade with a good book – perhaps something on plants his favourite subject topic. Dan loves to “chef-up” now and again, his most recently venture being a chilli crab risotto! You will most likely find Dan in some obscure part of Dartmoor… or if you do not fancy hunting him down there, then being dragged half drunk around the TP dance floors by his friends.  Eloise is excited to get going with the Print Science team and is always open to hearing new ideas for articles!

Hayley Power

Print Science Editor

As a third-year Natural Sciences student, Hayley is extremely excited to be taking on the role of print science editor this academic year. She genuinely loves her degree and so can’t wait to bring this passion to the team. During term time she can be seen wasting all of her money on spontaneous spoons trips with her housemates (which take place far too often) or exploring every possible town in the South-West. In the holidays, Hayley loves to travel even further and most recently ventured to Sicily to celebrate her birthday! Eloise is excited to get going with the Print Science team and is always open to hearing new ideas for articles!

Sport Team

Archie Rucker

Online Sports Editor

Archie is going into his third year at Exeter University and is incredibly excited to be joining Exeposé’s editorial team. Having played numerous sports intramurally for the University, he is looking forward to being able to start writing about them and many others. Archie studies History and has an interest in researching how sport has changed and evolved over the years. Over the summer, Archie helped set up the Chalke Valley History Festival and did internship in insurance. He is an avid traveller and hopes to also try and fit some in too.

Oliver Rickwood

Online Sports Editor

Entering his second year studying English, Oliver is excited to be a part of the Online Sport team this year. When he is not playing football in Exeter, he is back in London at Stamford Bridge watching his beloved Chelsea (or at Wembley watching them lose another cup final on penalties). Despite football being his sport, he has been spotted down at Sandy Park supporting the Chiefs and even played (relatively well) in the Touch Duckes Rugby tournament. If you would like to pitch an article to him in person, the Timepiece dance floor is a likely place you can find him. He is hoping to expand Exeposé’s coverage wider across the university, making it more interactive and is hugely excited to cover the World Cup during the winter!

Robert Worthington

Print Sports Editor

Rob is heading into his second year at Exeter and will continue his role as Print Sport Editor. He is a history student with a passion for sports writing. His family wish he was half as interested in his degree as he is in writing about the Premier League. He is the Deputy Editor of an Arsenal blog and writes freelance for SportBible. At university, he can be found at the pub with his housemates, probably watching football, or on the pitch playing the beautiful game (not very well). Rob will miss working with his buddy Oscar Young who has hung up his pen as Print Sport Editor to become Exeposé’s new Financial Executive, but is looking forward to reporting anything and everything regarding Exeter sport this year. 

Toby Brisley

Print Sports Editor

Toby joined Exeposé during his second year at Exeter and is currently in his final year. He is studying history, but his real passion is sport. Whether it be watching football, F1 and cricket, or playing lacrosse and hockey, he loves it all. He’s looking forward to writing more articles about local sport in Exeter, as well as doing more stories about uni sport. During his free time, he enjoys playing golf or going surfing and the odd night out at TP, in addition to being seen at Craven Cottage far more than his student loan allows for!

Lifestyle Team

Charlie Nadin

Online Lifestyle Editor

A third-year English and Drama student, Charlie became an active contributor to Exeposé during his second year of study. He is now extending that commitment by taking on the role of Online Lifestyle Editor. A typical day in the life of Charlie, besides writing and reading, largely revolves around baking and consuming excessive amounts of information revolving food. When not attached to the kitchen, Charlie’s favourite indulgence is overly competitive Uno with friends in the car, preferably with a Costa iced coffee with Oat milk. Though he has a penchant for light-hearted reads, Charlie is not one to shy away from more pressing topics, and his aim as a lifestyle editor is to represent much of the diversities of lifestyle that can be written about.

 Ruth Hetherington

Online Lifestyle Editor

Ruth is a third year Art History and French student, about to embark on her year abroad in Bordeaux, France. She is very excited to join the Online Lifestyle team, having written a wide array of articles for the section this past year. She is passionate about ensuring that lifestyle pieces discuss important topics in a realistic and relatable way, as well as creating content that provides some light relief and an aspirational take on life! In her everyday life, Ruth can usually be found reading in one of Exeter’s many coffee shops (with a flat white of course!), charity shopping and trying to seem as French as possible.

Gracie Moore

Print Lifestyle Editor

A second-year studying English, Spanish and Italian, Gracie has written for Exeposé since being a silly little Fresher and wants to further her involvement by becoming a Print Lifestyle Editor. While she is not being overly ambitious with her degree choice, a typical day in Gracie’s life includes lots of napping, dislocating basically all of her joints in netball, eating inhumane amounts of chocolate and scaring away the rugby boys in Fever (it is a hard life being six foot two). Though she loves an unproblematic night in with a box of Cadbury’s chocolate fingers (a company in which she should really consider taking out shares) and watching Elite on Netflix, Gracie is also known for her unwavering desire to be representative and inclusive both in her social life and in what she reads and writes, focusing particularly on gender and sexuality. So, Print Lifestyle will be full of a diverse range of articles this year! 

Pippa Bourne

Print Lifestyle Editor

Despite either spending most of her time on the tennis court or studying, Pippa has been an active contributor of Exeposé for the past couple of years. Going into her final year at Exeter, she has decided to extend her involvement, becoming Print Lifestyle Editor. Always flicking straight through to the Lifestyle section of any newspaper or magazine, Pippa is looking forward to addressing all components creating the so-called ‘balanced lifestyle’, the more controversial opinions the better! She looks forward to involving as many different people as possible within this section and displaying their diverse views. From sports and nutrition to socials and struggles, this section will not fail to be engaging both for readers and contributors. 

Music Team

Mahnoor Imam

Online Music Editor

A third-year English student, Mahnoor can be found in her element, either always songwriting, jotting down quick melody ideas or plugged into her headphones. Her love of music transpires genres, from indie to dream-pop or even shoegaze and folk, Mahnoor will have a playlist for each category. An avid reader of Rolling Stone magazine, Mahnoor is inspired by the myriad of aspects involved with music. Whether it is writing album reviews, creating playlists or doing a deep-dive into a historical musical event, she looks forward to incorporating every component into the Music section. If she is not over-consuming quasi-pop culture or learning pretentious words like ‘quasi-pop’, Mahnoor will be most likely be found exploring every green space on campus.

Lauren Jones

Online Music Editor

Entering the third year of her Psychology degree, during which she will be on her year abroad studying at Vrije University, Amsterdam, Lauren is excited to be a part of Exeposé’s editorial team. Most of the time, Lauren can be found playing her piano, guitar, or hopping on a plane to do some exploring. As someone who is always awaiting the release of new music, and as an avid reader of Pitchfork Magazine, she has been inspired by music journalism. Lauren is thrilled to have the opportunity to project her love of music into editing for Exeposé.

Harry Craig

Print Music Editor

As a second-year History student, there are very few moments in the day when Harry cannot be found listening to music in some form! Harry joined Exeposé last year to share his live music experiences, having seen his two favourite bands – Coldplay and The Killers – in concert for the first time last summer. As a tri-national, holding British, French and German nationalities, Harry is passionate about music as a universal language that unites us, whether through live experiences or listening with headphones. He is always the designated DJ at any house party or pre-drinks, and has a carefully curated Spotify playlist for every occasion and mood! In the rare moments when Harry isn’t listening to music, he loves watching a bit of Formula 1 and reading up on global affairs.

Print Music Editor

In his second year of studying English, Jake is seeking to bring a wide array of music genres to the forefront of the Print Music section of Exeposé whilst expanding his own tastes in timbre, style and tonality. Being an avid metalhead at heart, the abrasive, dissonant and chaotic sounds of bands such as Meshuggah and Slipknot are his bread and butter, but he also loves the cool wash of bands such as Foals and Crowded House whilst relaxing and making art. You’re most likely to find him sitting down by the Quayside reading horror fiction from the likes of Arthur Machen and Thomas Ligotti, or browsing the vinyl sections of Exeter’s music shops.

Screen Team

Matthew Bowden

Online Screen Editor

Matthew is a third-year English student, although he basically is not, as he picks as many film related modules as he possibly can to avoid having to actually read anything. He’s been writing for Exeposé right from the dark days of Covid Freshers’ and decided that in second year, as an aspiring Mark Kermode-type film critic, he might want to put his knack for critiquing things to good use. Despite being referred to by his mates as “the guy who knows everything about films”, he is predominantly a Nolan and Fincher fanboy constantly attempting to cover up the gaps in his cinematic knowledge whilst re-bingeing Suits and Brooklyn 99. He is hoping to make the Screen section of Exeposé more accessible for students across the board, especially those who have never written for the paper before.

Harvey Isitt

Online Screen Editor

As a third-year English student, self-proclaimed cinephile, contributing writer for Exeposé, and avid reader of Empire magazine, Harvey is excited to bring his long-standing appreciation and obsession for cinema to his role as screen editor. On the off-chance he is not watching, reviewing, or convincing others to watch a film or series; Harvey enjoys filmmaking, photography, writing, listening to music, and attending live concerts. You will likely find him in Cavern, HMV, or at home, re-watching The Sopranos. As screen editor, Harvey is keen to push for a stronger emphasis on international cinema and better representation for minority filmmakers while encouraging writers to pitch ideas.

Annabelle Law

Print Screen Editor

Hi I’m Belle! I’m a second-year English and Creative Writing student who started writing for Exeposé this year and joined the committee as Print Screen Editor! I have a love for both film and filmmaking, which is why I wanted to edit the screen section of the paper. Some of my favourite films include Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service, to chick-flicks like 13 Going On 30 and Clueless! I also love to write, whether that be poetry, short stories or short films. Some of my interests include fashion, travelling and cooking! I especially love pasta dishes and Italian restaurants, and I will always order a Tiramisu if there’s one on the menu. My favourite place to travel to is Italy, I love the coastline and it’s an amazing source of inspiration for my writing!

Madison Sohngen

Print Screen Editor

After dabbling with some Exeposé articles in first year, Madison is looking forward to taking a step up and joining the committee this year as Print Screen Editor! Currently studying English in her second year Madison has probably watched (and re-watched) every romance film ever made, some notable mentions being When Harry Met Sally, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Call Me By Your Name. Madison’s favourite film of all time is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, although David Fincher’s films are also a guilty pleasure of hers. Typically spotted with a green venom in her hand, Madison enjoys spending her time going to cute coffee shops or dancing her troubles away in the glorious establishment of Timepiece. In her role, Madison aims to spark new and fresh articles for the section and encourage more writers to get involved in the paper.

Arts & Lit Team

Gwenllian Page-Gibby

Online Arts & Lit Editor

Gwen is a third-year English and French student embarking on her year abroad in the South of France! She became an avid writer for the Exeposé during her second year and was enamoured by the possibilities and unexplored avenues posed by the Arts and Lit section. When Gwen is not writing for the newspaper, she can be found playing piano, reading, watching the cheesiest new Netflix releases and documentaries, or indeed struggling with the Timepiece stairs. She hopes she can incorporate her interests and create thought-provoking content (with just a hint of wackiness…) which has something for everyone!

Manon Martini

Online Arts & Lit Editor

Manon is an MA English Literature student who will not shut up about the fact she is doing an MA in English Literature. When she is not writing for Exeposé, she can be found blowing her entire student loan at Bookbag or enjoying an oat latte at Sacred Grounds. Manon specialises in Irish and Japanese contemporary literature and her favourite authors include Sally Rooney, Sayaka Murata and Haruki Murakami. She also has a passion for theatre and can often be found in London, watching anything from Hamlet to Heathers. Her hobbies include reading until her eyeballs hurt, crocheting her own clothes and updating her bookstagram blog. She looks forward to bringing her passion and flare to the online arts and lit section this year and producing some ‘lit’ content!

Ella Minty

Print Arts & Lit Editor

Yet another English student, Ella is going into third year and decided to become an Editor for Exeposé after writing many articles as a Fresher. Obsessed with books, she can often be spotted at a local coffee shop feverishly reading a novel or sipping a Pornstar Martini (cliché, but it really is her favourite drink) at Turtle Bay. She is known to babble to her friends and family at any opportunity about her latest reads or educate them with quirky literary facts. When Ella is not reading, she is either listening to musicals or spending time in Cornwall basking in the sun trying to get a tan that will only last for a few weeks anyway. She is very excited to meet her fellow committee members!

Joshua Smith

Print Arts & Lit Editor

Joshua goes against the grain in many ways, in addition to him not being an English student, he is a Socialist who does not shut up about it, a fantastically untalented artist and poet and an unashamed marmite lover. You will usually find him strolling nonchalantly around campus with his sunglasses and coffee cup thinking about starting smoking for no other reason but to complete the Jean-Paul Belmondo look, not realising that he is just another moody philosophy student. He would like to use his knowledge of classics, politics and philosophy to shape the Arts & Lit section this year. His main goal is to expose new ways of looking at things through the lens of history, exploring the niches and crimples in the past to help us understand the present. He aims to do this with a focus on esoteric subjects in art and literature which relate to current affairs and modernity. He cannot wait to work with the rest of the editing committee this year after being involved as a writer for the past year! 

Tech Team

Charlie Oldroyd

Online Tech Editor

At the beginning of their second year Charlie is an English student whom you can’t meet without talking about Yorkshire. You can find them mostly inside, (the hills in Exeter are ridiculous!) or outside Tealith contemplating the second bubble tea of the day, which goes perfectly with Bao buns by the way. Charlie discovered Exeposé in September and has been obsessed ever since and is very excited about the opportunity to become Online Tech Editor! An avid reader and film buff. They are on the second draft of a top-secret novel. As a non-binary student Charlie is very interested in social justice and making a real positive difference in students’ wellbeing and overall University experience. Obsessed with the two-pound meal deal movement, they are particularly involved in making campus an affordable and safe place for everyone.

Ewan Edwards

Print Tech Editor

I am in my second year of my politics degree with an inquiring mind, or maybe I’m just a bit nosey. A politics degree and the tech section might seem polar opposites, but I am intrigued by the changes to society currently coming from big tech companies. When I’m not avidly reading tech news, I’m partial to a trip to the pub which my bank account is not a fan of. I’m also an avid gym-avoider and cup of tea connoisseur. I’m looking forward to being a part of the print edition paper, I think it’s great that we still have a printed paper and not entirely digital.

Amplify Team

Omar Harris Vernon El-Halawani

Amplify Curator

Contributing to the Science Section and most recently as a Reporter, third-year Biochemistry student, Omar, known to most as Hal, is really excited to get more involved with Exeposé this year! With British/Jamaican/Egyptian heritage, he is looking forward to working with other Section Editors to increase diversity and inclusivity across Exeposé. With strong interests in life sciences, international affairs, and geopolitics, Hal is keen to pursue a career as a medic for Médecins San Frontières or in foreign correspondence. While he is practically living in the library this year, he can be found running around the Quay to the sound of his latest playlist, losing track of how much tea he’s making, or playing at open mic events with his guitar.

International Team

Ryan Gerrett

Online International Editor

In Ryan’s fourth and final year at Exeter, he’ll be serving a second year as Exeposé International Editor. An exciting exchange year in the Netherlands, at the prestigious Leiden University, has not only served as the basis for many ideas and the root of articles but has also helped him to fully understand what running the International section means and requires. An eager explorer always willing to try something new, Ryan is just at home wandering about in a totally alien environment as he is playing pool in the Ram. Ryan feels that in spite of Exeter’s pride for its diversity and highly international community, the International section is unusually small and can often be ignored. Hopefully, he can work to change this!

Maeve Fitzpatrick

Online International Editor

After teaching English in Paris during her year abroad as part of her Modern Languages degree, Maeve is delighted to be returning to Exeter for her final year and onto the Exeposé team as an International Editor. Having spent time away she understands the importance of consolidating the anecdotes of travelling through writing and is keen to give international issues and events greater attention in the student paper. Maeve is excited about the chance to collaborate with students on the newly established International News Hub which will act as a regularly updated ‘Breaking News’ section. Despite missing the currently pensive Parisian mood she is looking forward to being back in EX4 and when she’s not ducking from the vicious Forum seagulls, you might find her singing the blues at The Vic (and not overlooking the free drink).

Agata Koralewska

Print International Editor

Agata is a second-year student of Communications and Spanish and she is really excited to join the Exeposé editorial team. She comes from Poland and that has allowed her to develop an understanding of how it is to live in a different culture. As a part of her degree, she is going to study abroad in her third year and she is really looking forward to getting that Spanish university experience! She is passionate about photography and reading and in her free time she practices running. She is an ambitious language learner and enjoys meeting new people. Agata is always looking for new ways to be challenged and new experiences that she can then convert into stories. She is excited to have the opportunity to develop such a varied and important section of the newspaper and help to define the Exeposé community as a space where everyone can feel at home.

Photography Team

Kieran Moore

Chief Photographer

In his third year, halfway through his Mathematics degree, and a new member of Exeposé, Kieran is looking forward to contributing to the newspaper by providing a plethora of photos. He is an avid photographer and can spend hours behind the viewfinder, lurking along the river banks looking for that elusive kingfisher. He can also be found out on his bike, playing squash, badminton, bowling, snooker, coding, playing piano or guitar, or generally just partaking in any new hobby he has picked up. He hopes to engage with the other committee members and supply great photos on a regular basis.

Rachel Cunningham

Chief Photographer

In her second year of studying English and Film, Rachel is looking forward to immersing herself in the uni spirit, contributing to the paper with her photos. She is excited to meet new people and capture Exeter’s cultural scene and sporty vibe on camera – although when it comes to sport she does have a share in the talents herself (squash society can vouch for this). Despite her love of cold water swimming and constant scouting for new places to have main character moments in the great outdoors, Rachel is a city girl at heart. She is from vibrant Brixton and is looking to bring some of her street savvy to Exeposé. Rachel hopes to capture the community spirit of the university and become a resident Veronica Mars (minus the murder and mayhem).
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