Saturday, August 19, 2017
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Alice Horncastle


The Pen from Penryn: why January could always be worse

J January is always a month that is stressful for students. You soon realise that you did absolutely no work over Christmas and that you...

The Pen from Penryn: Asexuality, the Invisible Orientation

This year, Asexual Awareness Week is 23-30th October, which for many Exeter University students happens to be Reading week, a week dedicated to Netflix,...

The Pen from Penryn: The importance of talking about abortion

R ecently, women in Poland went on strike to protest against the threat of a misogynistic change in law – a proposal for a...

The Pen from Penryn: Women In Power

Traditionally the discussion of gender and power has been fairly limited – patriarchy has been at the centre of global politics for over two...

The Pen from Penryn: The Importance of Ghostbusters

Exeter’s Streatham campus has a university cinema. When looking, rather enviously, at the listings for this upcoming term, I was pleasantly surprised to find...

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