Saturday, August 19, 2017
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Jack Watts


James Comey’s testimony: enough to bring down Trump?

Donald Trump’s presidency has been less than stable thus far, and that is, perhaps, an understatement. Trump and his team have been plagued by...

100 Days Later, Is America Great Again?

Has Donald Trump made America great again? One hundred days into his presidency, this is the question we should be asking. The man who...

Why America was unjustified in bombing Syria

On the 7th of April 2017, President Donald Trump plunged America into war. In retaliation to Syria launching a chemical attack on its own...

Leaving the single market will be Britain’s single biggest mistake

Since Theresa May’s coronation in July, her main task has been to deal with Brexit, which she has been less than transparent about. These months...

2016: a political autopsy

It turns out the Mayans weren’t exactly wrong, just off by four years, as 2016 has seen Brexit, Trump, and with it, the end...

May’s Mistakes

After over one hundred days of her tenure as Prime Minister, and following some rather damning leaks of her talks concerning Brexit, it is...

Article 50: what to expect

Brexit: the word that divided a country. Britain’s departure from the European Union has always felt like a distant possibility but, following her announcement...

#USElection: Who will make America great again?

You are forgiven if you are tired of hearing about American politics - everyone is. This presidential election has felt endless, but rejoice! The end...

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