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I love pies and gravy!! Northerner for life

Is Original the New Black?

The likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime have revolutionised the small screen both in terms of production and viewing culture. Having tempted the crème...

How to handle your Hollywood divorce

Another ticking time-bomb in the minefield of Hollywood marriages has detonated on 2016. Here at Exeposé we’ve laid out a step-by-step guide to get...

Gender neutral parenting – right or wrong?

As I entered my fifth consecutive hour of procrastination today I sifted through several of the trending videos on YouTube. Instead of the usual...

Marketplace muffins: end the madness

This morning as I found myself dismally slogging away at my essay, lost and alone, I yearned for solace from my academic woes. How...

Why d’you always tell me when you’re high?

People are free to make their own choices in life: from teetotal sobriety to snorting cocaine off a toilet seat. Though I myself am...

Tab ‘Jihadi’ piece sparks anger

A controversial article published by student website The Tab, titled ‘How Jihadi is your uni?’ has sparked outrage amongst students of the University of...

Students demand University divestment from fossil fuel

Student group Ethical Exeter brought the fight for climate change to campus on Friday 12 February ahead of the global Fossil Fuel "Diversment Day". As...

Nadiya Hussain: Not a Muslim, just a brilliant baker

Nadiya Hussain, newly crowned Bake-off Bae, has been on the tip of every tongue from the moment of her culinary triumph. But, her success...

Let’s Get Satirical: Osborne to tax Halloween

Under new legislation, all sweets and treats collected by children on 31st October as part of their Halloween celebrations, will now be taxed. In...

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