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Looking back at the Universities Diwali celebrations

The university of Exeter’s Hindu society organized a joint free event with the Asian Society on campus for all students and members of the...

Cheers, Exeter! An International Experience

Coming to Exeter has been the best and worst decision of my life. Believe me. The University of Exeter. “So where is it in...

International columnist: the importance of family visits

With the first term slowly coming to an end, many have speculated that at least half of the rooms in Duryard Halls residence will...

Anti-Prejudice March

As a First Year student I have been at Exeter now for two weeks and have settled into the university very quickly. However, I...

Editorial: onwards and upwards

Criticism upon criticism has been thrown at the Wellbeing Centre over the years, and we’ve definitely done our fair share of levelling concern. We...

Across the Pond: A Journey from Hell

Culture Columnist Caroline Lang shares her tales of travel woe with us, in an all-too-familiar description of a difficult journey back to Exeter…. When you're...

Two on trial for conning international Exeter students out of thousands

Two men are standing trial for defrauding Exeter students out of thousands of pounds in accommodation deposits. Shaker Javaid and Alex Stocks, 32 and 30,...

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