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Home News University apologises as Exeter students branded “disgusting” at Varsity match

University apologises as Exeter students branded “disgusting” at Varsity match

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A spokesman from Exeter University has issued an apology to local match goers and anyone else impacted by the behaviour of students at a Varsity match this week.

Thousands turned out for the Exeter vs Swansea football game on Wednesday evening. Some have speculated that many were already drunk on arriving to watch the game.

After the match, students left many streets covered in vast amounts of rubbish. Bottles of urine were found placed outside homes.

Exeter resident Nick O’Riley told the Express and Echo that he was tired of the lack of respect students show to local residents:

“You do not get Exeter City football fans behaving in this way,” the 45-year-old complained.

“I’m sure they have not been brought up to behave this way. We have to live here.”

“I get that they were having fun but don’t do it on our behalf and at our expense, as it is us as the tax payer who is paying to clean up after.”

His wife Clare O’Riley added that she found the behaviour “absolutely disgusting”.

“All you could hear was high-pitched screaming like it was a Boyzone concert.”

Mr O’Riley said he believes both the university and Exeter City Football Club should be held accountable.

Many residential areas in Exeter are still littered with the leftover remnants of Wednesday night’s festivities, with empty bottles, broken glass and sheets of plastic strewn across pavements.
Students frolicking in litter

Students frolicking in litter after the game

A university spokesman said: “The vast majority of our students behave very well but we understand that isolated incidents can cause upset. Ahead of the event, we had instructed the organisers, the Athletics Union (AU), to clean up litter in the area.

“In the run-up to the event, we worked closely with the AU, and additional police and University Estate Patrol were on duty on the evening. A temporary street urinal was set up near the match location. We will review measures for future events to further minimise disruption to residents.

“We always recommend that residents log street disturbances with the Police in the first instance. We have an information sharing protocol with Devon and Cornwall Police and can take action if students are identified as the cause of anti-social behaviour.”

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