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Money matters

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I ‘ll be honest, my bank account isn’t looking great right now. And it’s only in Week 3, that I’ve been floating the idea of getting a job, not least because my parents visited last weekend, and we had the inevitable “Have you found yourself a job yet?”, “Ehhhh, nope.” My current excuse is that “my loan’ l cover it Dad! — chill.” This is where, ironically enough, my working class background has been somewhat a virtue. Student finance have a soft-spot for us.

some expenses you want to keep off the books.

Do I need a job though? Well — ‘Student’ is technically an occupation. And think of all that mulah i’ll be making if I get a 1st, Mum! Plus it’s just too much stress right now. I can’t imagine what it’d be like having a job in third year! Then there’s the walking. I don’t know about you but it’s becoming bit of a drag. It’s healthy and everything, but I also just wouldn’t be arsed if a job meant extra walkies to campus and back.

Let’s be honest though, if the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad, PLC’ is your financial game-plan then perhaps you should be interested in one of those job things. After all, some expenses you want to keep off the books. Then we could all get very bored talking about independence and our first steps into the real… *yawn*. My point is — if you have the spirit and vigour, or plan on living on anything other than beans and biscuits, then go for it tiger! Get a job. But it’s not for me.

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