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EGB: A price to pay for the party of the year

Emily Roughton shares her views on one of Exeter's biggest evenings of the year.
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EGB’s infamous merry-go-round (Emily Roughton)

The Enchanted Garden Ball: the university’s Bridgerton-style fairytale where all the Exeter ton, dressed to the nines, gather for a magical evening of fairground rides, music, wine, and food. Or so they say.

My experience in 2023 entailed never-ending queues for the merry-go-round, refused entry to the silent disco because it was ‘full,’ an empty bar, and expensive food trucks. The event’s saving grace was its picturesque location, perfect for photoshoots with the girls or an opportunity to show off your ‘EGB dress.’

All this is not to say that EGB is not a fun event, but it definitely does not live up to its website’s promise of being a spellbinding “event synonymous with decadence and magic.”

If it were not for the high-ticket prices, I would not be so scathing in my review. However, when you pay £57 for the standard entry ticket, in addition to £7 for a transport ticket, you have the right to bring high expectations. Besides, most people end up paying way more than £57.

“it is the good company and silliness that will make any evening enchanting.”

With the recent FIXR ticket crashes, together with the group of infuriating students who have turned ticket selling into their side hustle, prices have skyrocketed to over £100 for those on the hunt for a second-hand ticket from Facebook’s Overheard.

The rise of online ticket scams has raised the stakes further, as there are those who are too scared to purchase from a potential scammer, and others who take the risk with, what can turn out to be, no reward.

Exeter’s EGB could be a brilliant way to celebrate the end of exams and a memorable reward for the grand feat of being able to secure a ticket! If you enjoy getting all dressed up, if you prioritize letting loose with your friends, and if you think that your overdraft can wait, then take a gamble and buy an EGB ticket.

But you can get the very same effect minus the location for a fraction of the price. Remember that, ultimately, it is the good company and silliness that will make any evening enchanting.

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