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Student Idea on Exeter graduate branded “personal attack” by students

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AStudent Idea on the Guild website demanding the retraction of graduate Charlie Evans’ Honorary Lifetime Guild Membership has been branded a “personal attack” on his political views by other students.

The description of the Student Idea reads:

“As someone that has had little positive contribution to the Guild yet has flip-flopped politically to suit his own agenda and further his career aspirations, I believe it sets the wrong precedent for the Guild to reward such bad self-servient behaviour.”

Evans was awarded Lifetime Guild Membership after graduating from the University in July. During his time at Exeter he held various roles, including Guild Council, SSLC Economics representative, Student Ideas Officers, Darts Society President and NUS delegate. He also ran as a VP Education candidate in the 2014 Sabbatical Elections.

The Exeter grad faced heavy criticism earlier this year for advocating to leave the NUS during the 2016 “Exiter” campaign.

Evans told Exeposé: “I think the author (of this Idea) is very bitter and needs to study harder.”

On the Guild’s Student Ideas page, Evans responded:

“It was a large shock at the end of a 13 hour shift to see this idea…I thought my time with the Students Guild had come to an end…but it appears not…

“As for the Idea, I appreciate that someone has decided to raise these “concerns”….I think they are ludicrous. I was a dedicated activist within the Guild and it came from a heart for the Guild.

He went on to thank Guild officer Tristan Gatward for nominating him for the honour.

One student, amongst the many to express their concern that the Idea had been allowed to go ahead, wrote on the Guild page:

“I am greatly angered that this has been allowed to take place. It is a personal attack, which is both uncomfortable and potentially humiliating. The fact we have even registered its occurrence means this needs to be stopped imminently. ”

A Guild spokesperson said:

“The Students’ Guild publishes all Student Ideas as submitted, except where they are in breach of the law. In this case the idea as submitted is the opinion of the individual submitting, and does not breach the law. The Guild is neutral in the Student Ideas process, with the aim of allowing students to debate the issues that concern them.”

All Exeter students can vote on the Idea, which remains live until 1 November.

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