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Home News Protestors take to Bedford Square to dennounce Trump

Protestors take to Bedford Square to dennounce Trump

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Dozens gathered in Bedford Square on Tuesday night to protest against US president-elect Donald Trump.

The protest denounced Trump’s intolerant and divisive rhetoric, as well as policies he shares with VP-elect Mike Pence that would negatively impact poor and minority communities.

Katja Frisinger, an American citizen and member of the LGBT community, said that although “it’s easy to disengage with the politics of a country you don’t live in”, she hopes this protest provides solidarity for marginalized communities and support for Americans overseas.

Grievances protestors touched upon included Trump’s call for a Muslim ban, his refusal to condemn the KKK, his treatment of women and dismissal of global warming as a “Chinese hoax” among other issues.

Protestors listen to a speech given by an organiser

Protestors listen to a speech given by an organiser

Mike Pence was also criticized for his homophobic remarks and his endorsement of gay conversion therapy.

Since its organization there have been comments bringing into question the benefit of such a protest with claims that to protest a democratically elected official in a foreign country is futile. The protesters argued this point on several fronts, one speaker stating that “protests are a democratic right” and “solidarity is enough”, others pointing to the fact that this populist wave of conservatism is affecting the world internationally making it a relevant issue.

“Build Bridges Not Walls”

A Muslim-American speaker suggested that a “fear of difference” was the driving force of this result and subsequent animosity. She cautioned against the instinct to simply cast blame and fight, instead arguing for understanding.

Chants of “build bridges not walls” and “silence is violence” rallied the crowd. The protesters got a chance to discuss the issues at the end of the night and donate funds to Planned Parenthood and Black Lives Matter.

One pro-Trump protestor argues with other protestors

One pro-Trump protestor argues with other protestors

One pro-Trump picketer caused disruption, arriving with banners reading “#Grab them by the policy” and “You can’t stump the Trump”. The majority of the other protestors tried to engage in peaceful debates with the man.

Protests throughout cities in the USA continue a week on from the election’s climax.

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