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How clean are your favourite restaurants and takeaways?

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New Food Hygiene Ratings for Exeter eateries have been published by the Food Standards Agency. Inspections carried out by Exeter City Council has seen businesses awarded new ratings between 0 and 5.

University outlets, such as the RAM, Comida, Pret and all catered dining halls, achieved top-marks with a rating of 5. This classes them as having “very good” hygiene levels.

Other student favourites fared less well, with Sidwell Street’s Raj’s Indian Takeaway and Best Kebab receiving just 2. Best Kebab’s notorious rival Mega Kebab performed somewhat better, being awarded a rating of 5, whilst Sidwell Street Fish and Chips Shop scored an impressive 4.

The Northcott Theatre’s Kitchen and Bar also received a mid-range rating of 3.

Businesses must be assessed periodically and are given their rating based on how hygienically food is handled, how hygienic and safe the premises are and how the business keeps records and ensures hygiene levels can be upheld. On these criteria, they are awarded a numerical rating will be displayed in the window of their shop and online in the Food Standards Association database.

Just one business in Exeter was awarded a rating of 0. Hometown, located in The Jolly Porter on St David’s Hill received the lowest possible score, meaning urgent improvement is needed to comply with health and safety guidelines.

The full list of Exeter businesses hygiene ratings can be found on the Food Standards Association website.

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