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Every 2017 Sabb campaign video

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Are you already struggling to keep up with the Sabb elections? If so, don’t panic… We’ve compiled a run-down of all the campaign videos for you to peruse – and you can even watch it in the safety of your own room, far away from the harassing (but lovely) hoards on Forum Hill.

Guild President

Luke Avery

Luke did not produce a video.

Helena Brenner




Kane Davis


Pete Gillibrand


Ed Mudd


Soma Piritryi


Will Vasey


VP Education

Helena Leslie


Bryony Loveless


Matt Wilcock


VP Welfare & Diversity

Jess Cassidy


Hayden Cooper


Hope Hughes


Kat Karamani


Louise Ord


Olena Savytska


Sam Shie


Nicola Wong


VP Activities

Alasdair Gibbs


Becca Hanley


Charlie Smee


AU President

Jim Balshaw


Issy Cole


Bibek Gurung


Alex Harper


Emily Robinson


Imo Wade-Palmer


PG Taught

Tessa Crossley

Did not produce a video.


Caitlin Rankin-McCabe


PG Research

Malaka Shwaikh

Did not produce a video.



If we’re missing your campaign video, just email us at editors@exepose.com

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