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The reality of student summers

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For an ‘Exetah’ student, summer is the main event of the year. With impulsive trips to Bali, copious amounts of fake tan to even out those bikini lines, and thousands of veggie gluten-free burgers on the barbecue in every Surrey back garden. However, for those without trust funds summer is more a test of endurance and motivation.

you live in England- the sea is cold and the sand is coarse

Every morning will begin at 1pm, followed by waves of plans for the day: maybe you’ll start that new book, maybe you’ll meet up with a friend for cocktails, and quite possibly, you may even go as far to plan a semi-day-trip to the beach. However, by 1.30, you will conclude that it is far too hot to stay inside reading, your friends will declare bankruptcy and in solidarity, you will too, and you will remember you live in England- the sea is cold and the sand is coarse.

Now 2 in the afternoon, you decide to sit in the back garden, something you haven’t done since you were 10 or mildly intoxicated at that secret house party you held while your parents went to the south of France. You sit on your dad’s frayed green and white deck chair with your sunglasses on. You feel cool, you look cool. An hour into this self-constructed oasis, you will most probably fall asleep- leading to a temporary pink reminder of your lapsed “coolness.”

Burnt, a victim of heat stroke, and just irrefutably bored, you retire to your lounge to recuperate from this trauma. Once planting yourself on the family’s loyal sofa, you will turn on the TV and subsequently lose your evening to Love Island or First Dates– and create elaborate romantic plans to not end up on these shows. Okay, maybe Love Island, as long as you win the 50k at the end to put towards next ‘Exetah’ Summer’s plans.



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