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Summer Blues

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So this is it. Exams are finished, room’s packed up, student loan is spent. Filled with empty promises of summer rendezvous and without any job or internship plans, the next three months look pretty bleak. But fear not, for before you lies a handy list of things to keep those thumbs from twiddling all summer.

1) Relieve War and Peace from its doorstop duties

Yes, I know we’ve all had somewhat compulsory reading to do each week since September, but give the book a chance. Summer is the ideal time to pick up that forgotten novel your gran got you for Christmas and have a good old read.

2) Become an amateur builder

In need of a bit of cash? Got any jobs round the house that need doing? Forgo a handyman and take up the paintbrush yourself. Your parents will wet themselves with gratitude and might even give you some danero. I’ve currently earned myself £30 and a mother’s love from painting the hall, stairs and landing. Winner all round.

3) Learn a language

If you’re jetting off abroad, here is a perfect opportunity to brush up on linguistic skills. Even if you’re not going on hollibobs, why not pick up some extra CV points? Apps like Duolingo and Babble will set your tongue wagging in French, Spanish, even Danish. Practice a few grammar rules et voila, you’re practically bilingual.

You want to dye your hair every shade of the rainbow? Want to get various body parts pierced? Want to tattoo your face? You do you.

4) Reconnect with old friends

Take time to reach out to people you might have lost contact with. Tell them how great your life is, how much you absolutely love your degree and how lucky you are. Then, after a few in spoons, cry about how much of your life is a façade.

5) Do something weird and wonderful

Experiment with yourself. You want to dye your hair every shade of the rainbow? Do it. Want to get various body parts pierced? Sure. Want to tattoo your face? Hey, it’s your life. If dramatic makeovers aren’t your style, maybe try skinny dipping at midnight or go on an ad-hoc camping trip in your mate’s garden. You do you.

6) Write articles for Exeposé

It’s worth a try.

You may be longing for September but try and see the positives of a quieter summer. Have a well-earned rest and take advantage of not having to cook every night. When you’re back to the whirlwind of Freshers, you’ll realise just how much this time is worth.

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