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Student Ambassadors Urged to Check Payslips

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After finding I was owed nearly £30 from April, I am advising everyone working for the University of Exeter to look through their payslips.

It’s nobody’s fault as approvals just got misplaced in the system.  But if I hadn’t seen something amiss on my bank statements, and then checked my payslips, I would have lost out. The ESA team responded impressively quickly – within minutes on a Friday afternoon – and sorted it out.

I emailed the Claims team if the money could be transferred straight away, instead of waiting for the next payroll. £30 makes a big difference to students like me who work multiple jobs over the summer to support themselves.

Unfortunately, the response was that finance procedures ‘do not allow us to make additional payments if the amount is under £100 as they are quite expensive and time consuming.’ That means I won’t get paid until the end of August for work done in April, which I think is poor.

As advised in an email to all student ambassadors addressing feedback on the bumpy transition to using eClaims:

  • payslips can be checked via the iTrent self-service system using normal University IT logins
  • those unable to login should contact SID on 01392 724724, choosing option 4 for IT requests
  • Student Ambassadors can see hours worked and expected pay dates on the ESA Events Calendar, under the Jobs – offers – allocations – work done tab
  • if student ambassadors find themselves in financial troubles as a result of an error, the ESAS team ‘will endeavour to work with HR to release any missing payments’ early

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