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Treat yo’ self?

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Deadlines have been killing me, my coffee supply is diminishing, and my umbrella has been inverted and attacked through some horrendous weather. Needless to say, I have been aimlessly stalking the internet for things to brighten up my mood and embrace Autumn (basically making a pointless list of things I really don’t need.) Etsy is wonderful site for this type of procrastination and as a major Gilmore Girls fan (watching it in full for the third time round) I was highly enthused when I found that you can buy themed candles, one of which is called Luke’s Diner

And before you judge- it smells of coffee not of fast food. In fact, according to the description it has notes of “roasted coffee, musk and vanilla, a hint of chocolate” which epitomises the very cosy effect the show has on me during a lot of these wet Autumn days when I’m tucked up in bed amongst mountains of blankets. I love snuggling down on one of Exeter’s rare evenings of rain (so much sarcasm it hurts) with a cup of coffee and probably with some fox slippers on, and I truly believe lighting this candle would make my ritual complete. Yet, alas, I really shouldn’t indulge in this, as, candles are a ‘no go’ in rented student accommodation, and especially for a clumsy excuse for a human such as myself, who frequently trips up in their room and knocks items flying, I really can’t justify burning my house down for the sake of a coffee candle.

A little bit more upmarket, and intensifying the theme of things I really don’t need, is basically the whole NARS Winter Man Ray Collection. Their items are beautifully packaged, studded with Man Ray’s iconic gold kisses and the ‘Overexposed Glow Highlighter Blush’ is just absolutely dreamy. Yet, considering most of my autumnal days are probably going to be spent inside writing essays, I think a £28 highlighter is slightly wasted (insert crying face here). Whilst deliriously browsing this collection, I also found an extremely risky to wear Man Ray lip gloss, in a bright golden yellow, seeming the perfect colour for Autumn and Halloween. After nearly adding to the virtual basket, I ask myself, would I actually wear this? The answer is no. I also ask myself, how likely is it that you would infect loose said item rather quickly? The answer is, extremely likely. Despite all my procrastination and infatuation with random autumnal objects, the sad reality has hit; that these items would probably be pointless, and potentially dangerous, in the case of the candle (which still breaks my heart).

Having said that, there are a lot of Autumnal things that do not manifest themselves in material goods, such as cosy home-made house roast dinners on a Sunday, or watching Gilmore Girls in bed. Although not as glamorous as the Nars Man Ray collection, I think these home spun rituals are most likely more worthwhile, and also don’t hurt my bank account so hard. ..

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