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Football varsity: what happened?

Image: Static Pexels

The absence of Football Varsity this year, an event usually held in October, is the result of a joint decision by Exeter University Association Football Club (EUAFC), the Athletic Union and Exeter City Football Club to postpone until next year. This comes following complaints of poor behaviour from EUAFC and spectators at last year’s Varsity.
Noise disruption and littering were amongst the complaints received. The proximity of the pitch to residential areas and the traditionally celebratory manner of the match has led to some friction between students and local residents.
This is not the first time the match has been cancelled. Back in 2014 the event was called off due to to similar complaints about students.
In a meeting of Shadow Council on 22 November, AU President Jim Balshaw explained that the AU are looking at ways to minimise possibly disruptive behaviour and revealed that talks have been ongoing with Exeter City to hold Varsity this coming March instead.


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