Exeter, Devon UK • Sep 25, 2023 • VOL XII
Exeter, Devon UK • Sep 25, 2023 • VOL XII
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Veggie Corner – Rocket

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When it comes to the humble salad, it’s not rare to hear a subtle sneer of derision. The truth is that as a society, we’ve condemned the salad as not only the choice of the bland but of the simple, the dull. And I’m not saying I’m an innocent bystander to this reaction. I too have turned my nose up at the prospect of a salad over a baguette in Pret. But no more will I ridicule the salad. Add a bit of rocket into the mix, and we’re talking about something else entirely.

With a name which demands attention, rocket gives any salad a whole new dimension. Unexpectedly spicy and fresh, there is no problem that a handful of rocket can’t solve. Need a pick me up? Rocket. Hungover and trying to find a food you can stomach? Rocket. Looking for something to make your plate of food look slightly less beige? Rocket.

I know what you’re thinking – how can a green leaf make such a difference? But the truth is, it’s the small details which make the biggest change. By adding rocket to any dish, you’ve unlocked a whole other realm of flavour. And that’s what makes rocket so great: not only does it provide you with some well-needed vitamins, but it’s so versatile you could pair it with just about anything. After discovering this king of the salad leaves, you may just start walking around with extra supplies just in case someone dares to present you with a bland salad again.

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