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Fruit Corner- kiwi

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My relationship with kiwi is a lot like with my ex-boyfriend – very on again off again. Some days I am absolutely in love with kiwi; the taste is so unique and quite refreshing, especially in combination with other fruits in a salad. But then other times I look at it and wonder what the heck I was thinking. The skin is all fuzzy and feels weird, not to mention the seeds and the strange texture that they create. Whilst, at times, I might enjoy the tangy taste of the kiwi, at other moments I find it much too acidic. But looking back at all the unfounded opinions I’ve just spewed onto this page, it might not be the kiwi that is the problem after all; it might just be me being exceptionally fickle.

Thus, after doing a quick bit of googling to see if anyone on the beautiful space we call the internet would be so kind as to back up what I view as the shortcomings of the kiwi, it was clear that my commitment issues have become so dire that they’ve surpassed men and are now also affecting my eating habits. It turns out kiwi has been known to reduce stress, improve immunity and help control weight. Who am I to put down such a mystical source of sustenance, I ask you? So, I guess I’ll have to end this ramble with an apology to kiwi and to let it know that it’s not you, kiwi, it’s me.

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