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Uni takes action after Bracton Law Society Investigation

Image: University of Exeter

The aftermath of the investigation into the Bracton Law Society has resulted in a series of projects being launched, in the aim for the university to become a more inclusive and academic community. The university has established a new provost commission, overseen by the Provost, Professor Janice Kay, which will lead the recommendation and implementation of new initiatives to ensure an open and diverse community.

The Students’ Guild have launched a campaign, under the banner of We Are All Exeter, which is designed to celebrate the diversity on campus and in the city. The campaign intends to create a campus and city where everyone feels welcome and included by seeking to eradicate racism and all forms of harassment and discrimination. Over the next month, students will host events to allow others to sample aspects of multiple cultures from Exeter. The Guild stated: “We hope that this campaign will be something that everyone in Exeter can identify with and be involved with.”

Last week, the university launched a new online hub, which intends to give greater prominence to all students on advice about racism, abuse and harassment. The online hub provides the contact details needed if a student is in an emergency, needs medical attention, advice or wellbeing support. The university aims to add an anonymous reporting tool shortly.

“The university aims to add an anonymous reporting tool shortly.”

In future, the online hub will provide witnesses and victims of harassment with the ability to report events confidentially. In exceptional cases, where the University is aware of serious bullying or harassment, they may investigate the situation in accordance with its duty of care to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all staff and students. This can occur even if the individual decides not to make a formal complaint.

Currently, the university is working with the Student’s Guild to support them in organising a Respect Festival event on Streatham campus before the end of Term 3. The Exeter Respect Festival is the city’s annual celebration of diversity, which aims to use performing and creative arts to engage the wider community in saying no to racism and prejudice. The first event was held in 1997 and the university is a gold sponsor of the event. From 2009, the event has been a two-day free festival, with over 20,000 people attending per year.

The university is also working with the Guild to conduct a review of the Bracton Law Society, to ensure it is inclusive of students from all backgrounds.

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