“I could do a hundred squats, but I’d get a pain in my spleen.”

“I don’t think she’s really all that into drugs.”

“No-one’s gonna come to my wedding…”

“Short-term pain relief is the bomb.”

“That’s the highest I’ve ever seen him.”

“Yeah, he did it in a text.”

“Do you ever, like, vomit straight after an exam?”

“Going to the gym now, back in the evening.”

“I feel like my husband wouldn’t really care.”

“I’d rather, like, age really quickly.”

“I put him in charge of looking after all the vegetables.”

“Yeah, you just kinda smell.”

“I’d do it with no reservations. I mean, some reservations.”

“Do you think I could get a 50-piece bucket?”

“I had breakfast this morning!”

“Are you going to the room?”

“So, do skirts have pockets?”

“I was gonna sneeze, but… didn’t really want to.”

“Yeah, just ordered some protein.”

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