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The Seasonal Visitor (Daisy Saunders)

Daisy Saunders reflects upon the season of autumn in poem form.


You have no face, but I know you’re there,

You creep around corners and leave warm skin bare,

You slip into my covers and hide under my sheets,

You stalk and you blow around cold, damp streets,


You whisper an echo of what’s come before,

You shake against curtains and rattle my door,

You make promises I know you won’t keep

Like sudden warm mornings then nights filled with sleet,


Now dark AM starts and early goodnights,

Sunset at five and then sudden twilight.


And yet you leave as silent as you came,

Icy kisses pressed against a window pane,

I miss your touch, hers is harsher than yours,

She leaves the world silent and swollen and sore,


You are gone before the last leaf falls,

You don’t nick at my blankets nor gnaw at my shawls,

You are no human, no foe but you’re also no friend,

Yet still, I’ll wait. You’ll visit again.

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