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Weekly Optimism: Podcasts

In rolling feature Weekly Optimism, Amelia Chisholm describes why we just might need to give podcasts a chance.


You’re probably too busy.

I don’t know which millennial hating capitalist endowed supervillain came up with the stereotype of university students being lazy, because everyone I know is almost always taking on more than they can handle. It’s hard to find time for self-care and personal interest- Cleaning, washing, cooking, and more can be boring. But I’m here to help.

The Podcast on your phone is a gateway to distraction, entertainment, and education.

There is literally a podcast for everything. I’m not kidding. Whatever weird niche interest you have, they’ll be someone who’s sat down with their friends, recorded it, and stuck it on that little purple gem of an app.

I have a wide range of favourites, from My Brother, My Brother and Me making me chuckle, to Master Manual giving me dungeon master advice, to Trends Like These keeping me up to date with global news. And they get so, so specific. ‘Can I Pet Your Dog?’ is comprised of two women discussing dogs they’ve seen that week, ‘The Empty Bowl’ is about cereal news, and ‘Till Death Do Us Blart’ involves five comediens watching Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 every year, for presumably until one of them dies. There are three episodes out so far. They are all ridiculous. 

You can listen to anything while walking to class, organising the home, and during the arduous train journeys to and from Exeter. I gurantee you’ll find something that interests you, makes you laugh, and helps you forget about this garbage fire of a world, for at least forty odd minutes.



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