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‘Ebony Eve’

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Inky darkness ebbed and creeped,
Black and cold and deeply steeped,
In auburn fire of Sun’s rebirth,
Pale moon above the ebony Earth.

Leaves twist and writhe upon the ground,
Taken from the tree, they found,
The wind to be their greatest foe,
Torment is torn with every blow.

With Autumn comes a masquerade,
A terrifying child’s charade.
Squeals of joy or shrieks of fear,
Either one, you’ll find them here.

Distant screams where children were,
Piercing with a frightful stir,
Slithering through the thickened raid,
The hordes of ‘trick or treaters’ wade.

Faces shrouded, covered, hid,
Gruesome ghouls, no longer kids.
The frights and fears behold you’ve seen,
The twisted joys of Halloween.

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