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University of Exeter makes Global Top 100 for Arts and Humanities


The 2019 Times Higher Education rankings have named Exeter as one of the 100 best institutions for Humanities teaching and research in the world. 13 indicators are used to develop the table in which Exeter was ranked 98.

There are almost 100 under- and post-graduate degree programmes across the Streatham and Penryn campuses, both of which are home to fascinating and ground-breaking research in the Arts and Humanities. Academics in the English department have discovered a set of lost poems about the effects of the American Civil War on cotton workers in Lancashire, while Modern Languages staff are working to assure more recognition for the female creatives of Franco-era Spain.

Historically important artefacts also make Exeter worthy of its inclusion on the list. The Bill Douglas Cinema Museum has one of the largest collections of film memorabilia and material in the United Kingdom, while the University’s Special Collections include manuscripts by Daphne Du Maurier.

Professor Andrew Thorpe, Executive Dean for the College of Humanities, says, “This is recognition of the outstanding teaching and world-leading research within all of the College’s disciplines, and the excellence and commitment of staff and students alike. This is a terrific result that we all share.”

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